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Hey guys, whatsup? How are you doing? These couple of weeks have been brutal and I did not manage to set aside time for blog. I am finding it difficult to motivate myself, to post something new on the blog, with a lot of work pressure. So between dinner and my balcony time, writing something quickly about working from home.

The covid pandemic has thrown away a lot of old rules of working and working majorly from home is the new normal. I have been blessed to have regular work from home, even before the pandemic started, so I already had a dedicated space from where I work. But working non-stop for almost half a year now has given me a better perspective on how I should organise and find comfort in the corner, where I spend a better part of the day.

The working Space

My old working space was just a table, and there was a huge side cupboard which occupied a lot of space, making me feel like an intruder in my own space. Hence I decided to overall the space completely. The side cupboard, while useful, could be put elsewhere and we took it to another room.

That opened up my space a lot and there was suddenly a lot of light in that corner. I like my working space to be feminine and colourful. Since I could not pain the wall at the moment, I went the sticker root. Some colourful stickers brightened up a corner of the working room.

The coffee corner

The round table was not being used for the last few years and I did not get rid of it. Now it felt the nice addition to my working space, making for the coffee break corner. Those who work at German offices know how the Kaffee-Ecke or Kaffeeklatsch has a huge place in the office culture. Bringing the round table to hold the coffee machine and some occasional snacks, made me feel a part of the virtual coffee table gossip. It actually makes for a nice distraction, to take the eye off from the monitor once in a while and just sip the coffee/ tea there.

My working table, is not big. I have a bigger table but I wanted the small table here and the coffee table. It means I can mix and match and reposition the furniture, depending on the season and make for small changes in the mundane regularity. The only addition is the bright orange side-board. I had to buy it, to brighten up the corner, and break the monotonous oak, brown colouring of the furniture.

I also have a glass board, to write down important memo. I got one, with our picture printed on it. So when things are not stuck on it, it also doubles as a decoration and picture memory from back when we went to New Zealand. These boards do not come cheap, but the quality of work done is really remarkable. I got one from a local online store , called Banjado*. I am sure you can find something close by or DIY yourself.

not sponsored, bought the product and I am happy with the service

The mood board

One thing I have absolutely fallen in love with, in the recent times is the mood board. I know creative people mostly use it, but it is fantastic to have a flow of visualising your work pattern, the structure of your project organisation, or just have a visual representation of your mood. I have one pink coloured grid, which doubles as mood board and organiser. I am a stationary junkie and my many coloured pens and lettering supply are organised in the mood board.

Things on my mood board right now

A moodboard can be a basic grid, with some painting and your favorite themes on it, a left over metal or wood furniture with some corc and some notice on it. It can be anything that describes your mood. My mood demands a structured metal design, which can double as decoration. The items currently on mood board, accurately describe me: My penchant for reading and writing , in forms of a book mark and pen. My social engagement and willing to stay in touch with friends, shown by the comic dog and postcard drawn by my friends. The green piece of herb is from my garden : my love and relaxation, bringing a touch of green right in front of my eye. Its mint and lavender, the herbs most used to stress release, put in an old essential oil bottle.

Last of all, the message in the postcard : motivating me to always give my best and most to all parts of life, even on days I do not feel like I can do it. I am wildly capable and thank you Megha for reminding me that always.

Please read, like, comment and share if you like my blog and like the writing content in it. It takes immense dedication to take time out and sit and write. You, my lovely readers are my encouragement. Unfortunately , I do not feel the need to take time off to write, as comments and interaction have drastically reduced. Please let me know what you think about the blog and the content and the type of content you would prefer to read. In the meantime, take a look around in the gardening section and many other writings by guest writers like Madhura, Debaleena and Debarati.

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