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3 Years of Amazing Journey of DanceofChaos

3 Years of Amazing Journey of DanceofChaos

The Start of Journey

On June 9, 2021, my husband and I ventured into entrepreneurship, launching our own stationery shop called DanceofChaos. The process involved months of behind-the-scenes paperwork, from securing workplace permissions to business registration and setting up a bank account. Concurrently, we were preparing to launch the shop’s blog on the website, conducting market surveys, ordering and importing products, all while expecting our first child and juggling full-time jobs.

Amidst starting the business, I had just begun a new role managing complex automobile projects in E-Mobility. I have also managed ten years of experience in e-Mobility sector in the meantime. The skills I acquired in scheduling, budgeting, and prioritizing tasks were instrumental in developing and revising the business plan. Despite the time constraints, we managed to set a launch date for the website and honed our time management and blocking skills in the process. This business journey was an excellent teacher in creating and trying to maintain a work-life balance for us.

Business Journey Work Life Balance

The Journey

The journey taught me the importance of conducting thorough market research for the target customer base, differentiating personal preferences from customer choices, innovating, accepting criticism constructively, and enhancing resource management. During economic challenges, we learned to value and cultivate relationships with our loyal customers, expressing gratitude in meaningful ways.

Over the years, our marketing strategies evolved. Initially hesitant to be in the spotlight, I gradually embraced and acknowledged the dedication invested in the business alongside managing our jobs and family commitments, reflecting this in our journaling community.

Setbacks in the Journey

Running a small business is tougher than starting one; maintaining momentum and reaching the right audience while safeguarding the business pose significant challenges. A setback in early 2023, with a fraudulent purchase causing a substantial loss, almost led us to consider closure. However, the experience prompted us to secure legal insurance and reinforce our online security measures, emerging stronger from the ordeal.

Passion and Way Forward in Journey

Our business stemmed from my passion for journaling and stationery and my husband’s aptitude for design. The venture served as a platform for experimentation, offering invaluable entrepreneurial and personal growth experiences over the past three years. Through successes and setbacks, we acquired lessons in market research, outreach, time management, and resilience.

Our future plans include launching our product line, and we are currently conducting research for this endeavor. I am eager to expand our business, establish our brand identity, and continue the journey of growth and learning as entrepreneurs.

Some of my Favourite Tools to better organise my work and life

3 Years of Amazing Journey of DanceofChaos

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