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Summer Journal

5 Best Summer Journal Perfect Stationery Supplies

Summer sales bring with them a wave of excitement and anticipation, as retailers prepare to offer irresistible discounts on their wide range of stationery supplies. It’s the perfect time to stock up on these essential tools for unleashing your creativity, and with the upcoming summer sales and promotions, you can enjoy huge discounts on summer journals that will leave you feeling inspired and your wallet grateful.

Whether you’re a bullet journaling enthusiast, an avid traveler who loves jotting down memories, or an aspiring artist seeking a canvas for your imagination, now is the time to indulge in the joy of finding great deals on high-quality notebooks and pens. From vibrant and stylish notebooks to an array of pens that cater to various artistic styles, Dance of Chaos is gearing up to make this summer a season of creativity without breaking the bank. Check out some of the videos how you can use our notebook and pens for fantastic summer journaling layouts.

Why Participate in Our Summer Sales Promotions

Bargain hunting during sales gives you the opportunity to save big and also gain access to top-notch products that might have been just out of reach at their regular prices. Imagine acquiring that coveted notebook you’ve been eyeing or upgrading your pen collection to include the finest writing instruments, all at a fraction of the original cost. Embracing these summer deals allows you to enjoy the satisfaction of finding great value for your money, while still obtaining the tools you need to express yourself creatively.

Summer Journal

Choosing the Right Notebook for Your Summer Activities

A good notebook can be your essential companion for all your summer adventures. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right one for your specific activity? Here’s a breakdown to help you find the perfect summer notebook:

Bullet Journaling

A notebook with dot grid or grid paper provides structure for organizing lists, trackers, and layouts commonly used in bullet journaling. The notebook should have thicker, high-quality paper that can handle various pens, markers, and highlighters without bleeding through or feathering. Also, consider the size and portability of the notebook to ensure it is convenient to carry with you wherever you go. Additional features like a pen loop, index pages, or numbered pages might be beneficial for better organization and ease of use.

Travel Notes

If you’re traveling during summer, choose a compact and lightweight notebook that fits comfortably in your bag or pocket to capture your travel experiences on the go. It should have a sturdy cover to protect your notes from wear and tear during your adventures. Look for a notebook with a combination of lined and blank pages as it allows you to jot down important details, write narratives, and even sketch if needed. If you anticipate collecting mementos like tickets, postcards, or pressed flowers, consider a notebook with a pocket to store these keepsakes.


If you’re into sketching, opt for a sketchbook with heavier-weight paper to accommodate different art mediums like pencils, pens, markers, or watercolors. You can choose a smooth or rough paper texture, depending on the desired effect you want to achieve in your sketches. A sketchbook with a binding is better as you can lay it flat or fold back completely for easy sketching across the entire page. Choose a sketchbook size that matches your preferred level of detail and the portability required for sketching outdoors.

Upgrade Your Summer Journaling Supplies for Less

To elevate your summer journaling experience, Dance of Chaos is offering a variety of exciting notebook and pen deals. that can elevate your journaling experience.

A5 Dot Grid Notebook

Available in a range of colors including forest green, symbols of math, equations, step by step, oasis, and music bar, A5 Dot Grid notebooks are currently priced at €16.50, €19.90, or €35.99, depending on the cover choice, which is a significant discount from the original price of €26.95, €41.00, and €41.60 respectively. This notebook is perfect for bullet journaling and offers a unique and stylish way to stay organized.

A5 Discbound Notebook Shuffle DARK GREEN

If you prefer a more flexible and customizable journaling experience, A5 Discbound notebook is ideal. And the good news is that we’re offering it at €15.50, a substantial discount from the original price of €25.50.

A5 Notebooks

For those who prefer colored pages, we have the A5 Notebooks with colored pages in pink mystique, dream voyage, and olive colors. These notebooks are currently priced between €19.99 and €22.50, which is a significant discount from the original price of €28.50.

We also have A5 notebooks with blank pages, lined pages, dotted lines with a retro rocket theme, a rose-colored theme, and a limited edition 2024 dot grid notebook with a spring mountain moon theme. These notebooks cater to different journaling styles and preferences, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

In addition to our notebook collection, we are offering a range of pens on sale to further enhance your journaling experience.

Brush Pens

For those who prefer brush pens, Dance of Chaos has two options on sale. The Pentel Brush Sign Pen is currently priced at €3.40. This pen is perfect for creating smooth, expressive lines and is ideal for journaling, drawing, and art. We also have the Pentel Color Brush, which is currently priced at €8.50, a discount from the original price of €11.85. This pen offers vibrant colors and a range of brush tip sizes for added versatility.

Gel Pens

The Pentel EnerGel BL77 is a popular option that comes in a variety of colors for those who prefer gel pens. The set comes at a huge discount of €28.00 from €40.00. This pen is known for its smooth writing experience and vibrant colors, making it perfect for journaling, note-taking, and creative writing.

Traditional Pens

If you prefer a more tactile writing experience when note-taking, journaling, and drawing, the Pentel Mechanical Pencil is a great option. It’s currently priced at €5.50.

Correction Pens

And if you need to correct mistakes, the Pentel Correction Pen White is a great option. Currently priced at €5.10. This pen is ideal for journaling, note-taking, and creative writing.

Colored Pens

If you want a variety of colors, the Pentel Fine Point Color Pen Set is a great option. Priced at €19.99, this set is perfect for journaling, drawing, and art, and offers a range of vibrant colors for added creativity.

Stock Up On Essentials and Elevate Your Journaling at Incredible Prices

With our huge summer sales discount, get ready to discover a treasure trove of notebooks and pens, all waiting to be yours at a fraction of the cost. Whether you’re looking for a specific type of item or a versatile option, there’s something for everyone.

By Essi Karimi

About the Author:

Essy Karimi is an adventurous wordsmith who has a passion for reading, hiking, and writing (although she occasionally indulges in a friendly tango with procrastination)

5 Best Summer Journal Perfect Stationery Supplies

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