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Welcome to my DanceofChaos,

I am a thirty something person. I grew up in India and currently live and work in Germany. Having lived alone for a better part of last decade in another country, my life has been until recently a dance of chaos, as I tried to juggle my work and having some hobbies. I have decided to write about the small things in life that challenges us, throws us a curveball and are also the ones that give us pleasure. I try to write about day to day life and all things that interest me.

A lot of things interest me, like reading books, planning those rare trips, a new recipe, the small joy of cleaning a dirty house, cooking a tasty meal, taking those thirty minutes to practise a new language. I am passionate about dance and also try to stay connected to my roots with my Indian classical dance training. I also love my plant babies. It started as stress release and to see if I can be responsible enough and it ended up me being quite aan amateur gardener. The joy of seeing those roots and tiny green leaves germinate, growing your own food is uncomparable. I write about them in my little online haven.

Through my blog, I  try to paint the pictures of the dance of chaos that is life  hopefully with a pinch of humour.

This is a small beginning and already I am writing about my daily life, sharing my two bits on gardening and have the good fortune to articially collaborate with some similarly creative, artistic people.

My small attempt to discover the dance in the chaos.

Have a nice time in my blog.


Dance of Chaos.

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