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Hello Gardening 2021

1    Introduction Dear friends and readers, It has been a while since I wrote anything for the gardening section. Around September, usually chill sets in the weather and from October onwards it is chilly autumn, harvesting pumpkin and gradually winter.    There is also something about the grey outside, chilling rains and general cold weather of […]

Sunflower bloom

Gardening stories by danceofchaos Any gardening enthusiast will tell you flowers are the jewel of your garden. They also require the most dedication and work. Those beautiful, colourful creations of nature, make you work throughout the year taking care of the plants in the harsh weather. When the spring comes and the planting and potting […]

A Super Cyclone.. and Roots

By : eRimDance Hello everyone. It’s been a while that I have posted something about gardening. If I did not have my collaborators, the blog would be sitting idle for a long time.  The recent few days have not been easy on me. There has been a devastating super cyclone which swept over my home […]

Chili Green

My gardening hobby kicked in last year in full steam. And after seeing how much joy they bring me I decided to try vegetable gardening this time.  Where I grow my chili I just have a small balcony, so I have to maximize the usage of space for my garden and then some to actually […]