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Journaling in July

Journaling in July

Halfway through the year has already passed. During May and predominantly June, I faced challenges in effectively utilizing my journal. The period was filled with busyness and constant activity. Due to the hustle and bustle, my approach to brainstorming, note-taking, and scheduling leaned heavily towards digital methods. My journal serves as a vital tool in combating stress, anxiety, and maintaining equilibrium amidst the chaos. Despite these demands, the pleasant weather allowed me to find solace in my garden and swimming, which became my primary stress-relief techniques. The sunny days, extended daylight hours, and my growing toddler’s increased understanding enabled me to allocate more time to the garden and swimming, occasionally indulging in late-night swims.

Consequently, I struggled to find a purpose for journaling during the summer months. Apart from jotting down a line of gratitude and significant occurrences, the pages for May and June remained mostly blank. I experimented with doodling and ventured into drawing with brush pens and fineliners. Even dedicating an entire weekly layout solely for doodling my plants seemed like an extravagant waste of space.

Seeking guidance from my online community proved fruitful. Their suggestions encouraged me to document intricate details of my garden, monitor vegetable growth, express gratitude for the harvest, and revel in the beauty of blossoming flowers. Inspired by their advice, I decided to implement these ideas. Today, on the first day of July, I sketched an accurate representation of my garden. It boasts blooming calendula, poppy flowers, and budding roses. Bees hum and butterflies flutter around, enhancing the picturesque scene. The wildflower meadow is flourishing, the salad greens are thriving, peas are prospering, and the pumpkin plant is elegantly meandering along the border. Back in Bengal, we fry and relish pumpkin flowers, evoking nostalgic memories of my childhood.

As a result, my cortisol levels have significantly decreased. I meticulously record these experiences in my journal. Taking a break from work for a week to savor the weather, I decided to capture the serene contentment that my garden provides through sketches.This newfound approach has rekindled my appreciation for journaling, transforming it into a creative endeavor rather than a mere routine task. Each page now tells the story of my garden’s evolution, capturing not just the physical changes but the emotional solace it brings.

I also began incorporating short, reflective entries about my daily experiences and feelings. Writing about the simple joy of watching my toddler chase butterflies or the tranquil moments spent sipping tea amidst the flowers reminds me to cherish these fleeting, beautiful instances. My journal has become a tapestry of gratitude, personal growth, and artistic expression, a testament to finding peace in the little things.

Looking ahead, I plan to continue this blend of art and narrative. I am eager to document the seasonal transitions, the first signs of autumn creeping into the garden, and the preparations for winter. Perhaps I’ll experiment with watercolor to capture the rich hues of fall or press leaves and flowers between the pages. The journal, once a source of guilt and neglect, has now become a cherished companion on my journey towards mindfulness and creativity.

As the year progresses, I am reminded that even amidst the busyness, there is always time to pause, reflect, and find beauty in the world around me. My journal is not just a record of days gone by, but a living, breathing canvas of my life’s most precious moments.

Journaling in July

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