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Negative Impacts of personal stress

The work life relationship is an ongoing series I am writing on the different aspects of a working woman’s life. Some of my experiences can be relatable to you, some might not and I hope you would have a nice time reading it nevertheless. You …

The work life relationship 2

For people, who are very motivated at work, a setback at work can tend to make you depressed and it can spill over in real life. When the work is stressful and you cannot get enough break between one work day and next work day, it not just exhausts yourself mentally and physically but it also builds fatigue, without any way to decrease it.

The work life relationship 1

Over the years, I have observed something in my life and life of my friends and coworkers. Only a selected few of us are able to emotionally separate their private life completely from their professional life. Most of us see a direct relationship between work and life. I could not completely compartmentalize them emotionally.

The Dilemma of the Perfect Bag 2

It’s been a few months since I discussed about some mundane things about my day to day life. The last time I was talking about this topic, I seemed to have rambled a lot. Between then and now I managed to do clean my closet, …

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