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Weight Loss and Magic Pills

#WeightLossProgram_and_MagicPill – A thought-provoking article by KolomeDebarati

Dear readers,

Have you ever had plans to get rid of the extra fat in your body and look slimmer? Looking to hit the gyms and get into a rigorous workout session to shed weight? I can give you a better and easier alternative than the tiring gym sessions.

Well, you can pop a few pills that contain tapeworm eggs. Sounds simple, huh! The eggs will eventually hatch inside in your stomach and share every bit of your extra calorie foods and then you will become slim. No need of exercise, no need to follow strict diets.


The tapeworm diet is basically tapeworm infection, which can be awfully harmful to your health. Let’s see how does the tapeworm pills affect our health.

When a tapeworm hatches and attaches itself to your intestine, it begins to feed off your the nutrients from your body and grow by reproducing from the proglottids. Probably the biggest dangers you risk with a tapeworm is that you don’t know where it attaches itself. A tapeworm can attach itself to other organs or tissues outside your digestive tract and cause serious damage. This can have unpleasant symptoms like –

1. Diarrhea
2. Abdominal pain
3. Nausea
4. High fever
5. Weakness
6. Bacterial infections
7. Neurological issues

The complications that occur from tapeworm diet may result to untimely death due to blockage of bile ducts or pancreatic duct, neurocysticercosis (damage caused to brain and nervous system thereby causing dementia and disruption in the function of various organs in the body).

This tapeworm diet dates back to the Victorian Era. The women used to practise this diet to get the attention of the men in the society. The prevalent norm of beauty in the then society was to look as if you had tuberculosis, with a pale skin, dilated pupils and red cheeks and lips, and, of course, a slim waist. Apart from wearing very tight corsets to modify their physiological structure, taking small amounts of poison to ingesting tapeworms were few of those radical measures that were used to lose weight.

PS : I am against bodyshaming and this article has nothing to do with bodyshaming, I shared an interesting fact with my readers. So critics please refrain from abusing me. Thanks

Source: Wikipedia, Healthline website,  Tapeworms and the search for a slimmer waist – article published in the Stanford University research papers, Mayo Clinic medical journals.

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