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By : eRimDance

Hello everyone. It’s been a while that I have posted something about gardening. If I did not have my collaborators, the blog would be sitting idle for a long time. 

The recent few days have not been easy on me. There has been a devastating super cyclone which swept over my home state and ravaged the entire state and it’s coastal areas.

The coast is also home to a UNESCO Heritage Mangrove forest. Needless to stay, the forest acted as a frontline to the super cyclone and took the hardest beating. The flora and the fauna, including the royal bengal tigers, estuarine crocodiles face extinction now.

It was already in danger because of the creeping of saltwater in landmass and now, it is facing extinction. 

All of this, serves as a prelude to what I am going to say in today’s post. Gardening is a relative new hobby for me and I am learning so much every day. 

A couple of days back, I was watering the plants. I have a small balcony garden and the soil in the pots tend to hold the water in it. 

There are currently two pots, which are waiting for seeds to germinate. So whenever there is slightly more water than the soil can absorve, the water drains down and gatheres in a puddle. 

A Super Cyclone.. and Roots

It does not take more than 5 seconds for the water to drain downand gather below. I have small holders below the pots, and the water collects down.

This does not always happen to my other pots though, pots which have plants grown in them in big or small size.

Only when I go for repotting some of the plants that I realise why.The plant on the left is a sage plant which has been growing in the soil for a while now.

It is amazing the way the roots of the plant bind the soil together. Like they are some natural, organic thread ( you cannot get more organic than this I suppose) which sews the soil together and make a vessel for water. When water flows through this soil, hardly much loose soil escape and the water also is stored between the soil particles, woven together in a basket.

This is a tiny scale of represenation for what happens in the world. Trees, bind together the soil, thus creating land mass. They store the water and pull the underground water level towards themselves with the help of roots. I have lost the picture of a tiny mint plant. I had put it in a ceramic decoration pot. The plant pot was tiny and the excess water would gather at the bottom in the ceramic. the roots extended to the bottom of the pot, through the planting pot to get hold of the water. This happens, in a much bigger scale for underground water reserve.

What one natural calamity after another has shown us is the importance of plants and why we need them. We need them to survive and to continue surviving as human race. 

Maybe we all need a couple of herbs and flower plants at home, to understand the importance of plants and roots in the bigger ecosystem. The small plants at home, makes us understand the importance of the gift, we get from plants.

Gardening is my hobby and passion and I try to write about my plants as much as I can.

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