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Parenting & Planning : At half year

Hello dear reader Family, It has been a while since I shared our journey as new parents. You can read the previous two posts on our journey below if you want to. Half Yearly Journey As the days piled into weeks, weeks piled into months, we find ourselves half  year-old parents. As baby K grows, […]

Planning as a new mommy: on the Go Version

I have been doing bullet journaling from 2016. It helped me stay organised and handle the huge amount of information I had to handle daily. As my blog name suggested, I am always finding rhythm  in the chaos of life and journaling and tracking helps me do it. I have detailed about how I try […]

One Month of Motherhood

Feature Image Credit : Sanal Narayana ( Do not copy without permission) It has been one crazy month as I sit down to type this blog. By now, it is not a secret that we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. My blogging had already taken a backseat during pregnancy and focussing on the […]