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Premium Stationery Shop

We offer a fine selection of premium stationery products ideal for bullet journaling, planning, writing or other paper crafts. Notebooks, pens and pencils, stickers and other accessories can be found in our online shop.

Our products include high quality articles from brands like Archer and Olive, Odyssey Notebooks, Scribble & Dot, The Jotting Dots, Pepa Lani, Pentel, and many more.

Our latest notebooks and stationery accessories

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Are you not sure about what you want or what you need? Or you are not sure where to start or what your loved one will like as a present? Our stationery sets are perfect for you.

We have suggestions for you on where to start and what you can combine together, all at affordable prices. Time to make yourself or your loved one happy.

Premium Stationery Shop

Lessons learned from life. Be it personal, professional or just for fun. These blog posts tell you about life in a way you can relate to.

Even though I have been a bit busy with getting the shop up and running and a lot of personal stuff, there are always something new to be read in the Blog. Here are the snippets of the latest post. You want to contribute to the blog? Feel free to Contact Us.

Premium Stationery Shop

2 Way Bullet Journaling

journaling is your tool for day to day productivity, organisation. It does not have to be on pen and paper or digital. learn about using both tools to set up...

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Premium Stationery Shop

My First 10 years in e-Mobility

E-Mobility, electrification of power train is the word that runs in everyone’s mouth. I am one of the lucky few who have seen the field grow and transfer and actively...

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