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Learn about us and what DanceOfChaos resembles. We love to write about the daily things in life and have a passion for stationary. Welcome to our cosy shop and blog!

I am Tanni and I am one half of this venture.

I was born in India and grew up and studied there. Now I live and work in Germany. Having lived alone for a better part of last decade in another country, my life has been until recently a dance of chaos, as I tried to juggle my work and having some hobbies. I have decided to write about the small things in life that challenges us, throws us a curveball and are also the ones that give us pleasure. I try to write about day to day life and all things that interest me. I have come to realise, that I have my own process of productivity and time manage and own tools to manage stress. I like to write about them.

I am crazy about journaling, planning and notebooks. I have tried and tested so many notebooks from Europe, USA and India, from standard to customised. My husband says, he has never seen me anyone so crazy about pens and noteooks as me. And this is what got me thinking about collecting beautiful notebooks and also bring it to my readers. That is how the shop for this blog was born. Chris, my other half, is a big enthusiastic other half of the shop section and together we bring to you, our lovely patrons, beautiful premium notebooks, gel pens and accessories from all over the world. It is a tiny step and we are so excited for it.

Take a scroll through my blog and learn about us, maybe you can connect with my articles and stories. I write mostly in English but have recently started trying to write in German as well.

We would love for you to browse through the shop and leave your valuable comments about the beautiful products we have collected for you.

A load of love

Tanni and Chris

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