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How to achieve Work Life Balance and Productivity

Day to Day by DanceofChaos

Work from Home Edition

Introducing a new series about productivity and work life balance. I have organised it as chapters and each chapter can be found as shown. Feel free to skip one chapter and read ahead in the other chapter.

  Introduction to Work Life Balance

 The sudden and almost nonstop work from home has thrown a lot of own processes to achieve a work life balance out of the window. This also forced me to scrutinize my own work from home routine, my general work life balance. For those who do not know me yet, writing, dancing, and gardening are some of my hobbies and passions ( depending upon phases, I focus on one more than another).

Professionally I work in a E-Mobility in  a stressful role of Project Management. The nature of my work means, I cannot strictly adhere to the nine to five rules, even though I want to. There are diverse communication with teams I have to handle. As the globe is small, the people I interact with regular basis are spread all over the world and my work spills out into irregular hours.

I also have some hobbies and interests which also require commitments, meetings. Sometimes I spread myself too thin and the balance between work and rest gets compromised.

All of this is to say, I am not an expert in having the perfect work life balance, but I am trying to improve it as much as I can.

In the process, I have seen some methods which work for me, some helpful tips I have gathered from other experienced people. I am also trying to be honest and documenting the times when I fail to do this ( and there are many, many such occurrences).

 In these series of posts, I am trying to explore the methods we can employ to achieve a healthy balance. I am going to divide it into two major sections:

  • Manage work: Manage distractions, get things done
  • Balance life: How to handle household, set boundaries

Please let me know about your experience and tips. I would love to add them to my posts.

Manage Work

This chapter is dedicated to the different methods in which we can manage the work a little better. As this is a part of home office edition, some sections talk about working space and home office decoration etc which can be ignored in context of working at your place of work. However most of the tools and pointers can be applied to most situations involving work.

Dedicated Working Space

Decorate the Home Office Corner

Working Hours

Set Boundaries for Task

Planning and organising

Manage Personal Time

I have been talking a lot about how to manage work in the manage work section. But it is equally important to understand, how we can manage our personal time. Not only can it increase our productivity, it can also provided the much needed balance and break and give you the much needed time to breathe.

Plan your time

Plan Your Chores

Fitness and Hobbies

Family Time


This series of post was meant to be a two part series, an upgrade to a couple of blog posts I have written in 2019 and 2020. However I delved deeper into the whole topic and decided to create a detailed series out of it.

The post series is now eight pages long short book. You can read about all the sections related to work and life in this productivity Page here : Work Life Balance and Productivity.

Please let me know if you find this series useful. Please let me know about any tips you used in the comments. If you have some suggestions ideas, feel free to drop a comment. If you are also someone who is into productivity, journaling and work life balance and would love to write about it or tell us about your experience, journey or points, feel free to contact me via the contact page or over the social media channel of the blog.

Image courtesy : Christian . This was drawn exclusively by him for using in the blog and is part of the copyright of the blog. Do not publish without permission.

How to achieve Work Life Balance and Productivity

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