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Another Tuesday, how are you world? India is reeling under the pressure of COVID19 still, the country in the fourth phase of lockdown.

My home-state, our homestate, the land of Tagore has been devastated by a super cyclone on the evening of 20 May 2020. This has been a never seen before disaster, in the last two hundred years.

With that in mind, we bring to you, a different and heart -touching celebration of Tagore’s birthday. He would have been 161 years old. Born on 25 Baishak ( 8 May/ 9 May) depending on the year, Tagore has been a polymath. He has been a poet, an author, a literary figurehead, a feminist, a reformist and a teacher who opened the unique close to nature school and university in Bolepur, Shantiniketan. Tagore is known all over the world as the first Noble Laureaute of Asia.

In today’s story, Debarati describes how the birthday celebration this year was done, in a different way.


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