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My Journey: from 12m2 to 108m2

My Journey: from 12m2 to 108m2

This is the journey of us – me and my husband about how we navigated together from living in 12m2 to 108m2. A glimpse of my journey in 12m2 I started my life here with my husband in a small 12m2 room in a small town named Jülich. Yes, a mere room. And we studied, […]

Mindful self-reflection

In Solitude I am mindful – 3 helpful ways of self-reflection

Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher once said, “Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god.” And I couldn’t agree more with this mindful self-reflection. Vulnerability in Isolation To be isolated with oneself can seem very lonely and depressing to many of us. The thoughts can be intrusive, and the feelings […]

Mandala ausmalen Postkarten zum Ausmalen

Warum Mandala ausmalen für Erwachsene hilft Stress zu reduzieren – 5 hilfreiche Tipps für den Start

Von: Christian from DanceofChaos Wir alle leben in einer Welt voller Stress. Körperliche und mentale Beanspruchung nehmen gefühlt von Jahr zu Jahr zu. Auf Dauer kann das gefährliche Ausmaße annehmen und langfristige psychische Schäden verursachen – u.a. die neue Volkskrankheit: Burnout. Darum ist es heute wichtiger denn je nach Wegen zu suchen, um die geistige […]

Princess Daisy‘s toy area

Princess Daisy’s Diary – Part 2: Princess Daisy crawls now

Princess Daisy has recently found out; she can move her hands and her legs and she can move forward. It is kind of like when Mommy does Yoga. Mommy goes all on hand and foot and then she becomes a table. Sometimes Mommy becomes a triangle tent. When Daisy was a baby, she would lie […]

Books – my wonderland

Books – my wonderland

My Childhood in Books Just like Alice found her wonderland in the rabbit hole, I found mine with books. Books have been an intricate part of me right from my childhood. There are such fond memories that I have with books that until very recently I didn’t realize how much they have been a part […]

Sunflowers of my Garden

Sunflowers of my Garden

Life has a funny way of racing past you. Sometimes, when you take a small break, look around and take a deep breath, you realise how the circle of life goes around and around. Every year, in the same spot in my balcony blooms the sunflower. Yet every year it is different, the world is […]

কুট্টিকুটুমের কান্ড কারখানা

কুট্টিকুটুমের কান্ড কারখানা

কুট্টিকুটুম ছোট্ট এইটুকুন মেয়ে বয়েস সবে হয়েছে আট মাস।তোমরা বড়রা ভাবতেই পার এটা কিছুই না।কাট্টিমের কাছে কিন্তু এটা আটশ বছরের সমান। এইটুকু চেহারা, এখনও চলতে পারেনা,বলতে পারেনা– তাই বলে কি পৃথিবী দেখবে না? তখন কুটুম আরও ছোট ছিল, মাকে ডাকত। চ্যাঁ চ্যাঁ করলেই মা বুঝতে পারত।কাটুম তখন খেত আর ঘুমাত। মায়ের বুকের মধ্যে গুজি সুজি […]

Princess Daisy’s World

Princess Daisys World

Princess Daisy is new to the world, being all of eight months. That is not very long time to you. But Daisy feels each day was full of so many things, that they were each long year. And she is determined to enjoy each year. When Daisy was a Baby When Daisy was a tiny […]