Pentel SESW30C Brush Sign Pen Twin 

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Pentel SESW30C Brush Sign Pen Twin  22,50 55,60  inc. VAT
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  • Fibre-tip pen with two flexible nibs, width: approx. 1-4mm / Fine: 0.2-2mm
  • The wide tip is especially suitable for beginners, because the plastic fibre is soft and very easy to use
  • The fine tip is suitable for fine scrolls, embellishments and detailed work
  • Transparent cap to quickly find the desired colour
  • Content of 6er pack set : 1 x 101-black/102-red/103-blue/104-green/106-brown/122-yellow
  • Content of 12er pack set: Contents of the set 1x 101-black/102-red/103-blue/104-green/106-brown/107-orange/108-purple/109-pink/110-light blue/111-light green/112-light grey/122-yellow
  • Content of 24er pack set : 1x 101-black/102-red/103-blue/104-green/106-brown/107-orange/108-purple/109-pink/110-light blue/11-light green/112-light grey/115-olive green/116-pale orange/18-dark Brown/1200 -Magenta/122-yellow/123-gold ochre/126-silver grey/127-umbra/128-dark red/131-heliotrope/134-emerald green/135-coral/136-baby blue

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