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Planning as a new mommy: on the Go Version

I have been doing bullet journaling from 2016. It helped me stay organised and handle the huge amount of information I had to handle daily. As my blog name suggested, I am always finding rhythm  in the chaos of life and journaling and tracking helps me do it. I have detailed about how I try […]

My Experience as Small Business Owner

By Anwesa, owner of My Motivation Almost a year back, I finally gave shape to a childhood dream – my own bookshop! While my original dream involved tree-houses to read in, a million books, author visits and more, in reality it’s a little online bookshop – but it will have to do, for now. I […]

One Month of Motherhood

Feature Image Credit : Sanal Narayana ( Do not copy without permission) It has been one crazy month as I sit down to type this blog. By now, it is not a secret that we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. My blogging had already taken a backseat during pregnancy and focussing on the […]

ঠাম্মার জর্মনী আগমন

আমার ঠাম্মা পারেনা এমন কোন কাজ নেই। সেই কোন যুগে, 1963 সালে স্নাতকোত্তর মানে মাস্টার্স করে ফেলেছিল। তারপর চারপাশের লোকেদের ব্যাঁকা কথা, চোখ টাটান উপেক্ষা করে সংসারের হাল ধরতে চাকরি। ঠাম্মা খুব অল্প বয়সে বিধবা।তাই লোকেদের কথা আরও হত।কিন্ত শ্বাশুড়ী আর শ্বশুরবাড়ীর আশীর্বাদে  ঠাম্মা নির্ভয়ে যেত হাইস্কুলে পড়াতে। কালের নিয়মে ঠাম্মা অবসর নিল। তথন পড়া […]

Minimal and useful Journal Layout

Using Notebook with coloured pages I must admit, my journaling has been slacking off a little in the recent times. The tasks and ToDo list from work, home and my business have been all over the place in the last few months.  As much as I love my digital tools, sometimes, putting the information down […]

Plan and Register Your Business in Germany

Hello DanceofChaos lover,  If you have read my previous two posts on this series “From Dream to Launch”, you know how the idea to open an online retail store for stationery came to my mind. You can always refresh your mind by reading them once again. So far I have talked about how I ended […]

The Group that Got Your Back

A guest contribution by a new Indian mom in Germany This is my first blog. Let me put this disclaimer in the beginning so that you will forgive any mistakes or poor writing from here on. I am a 29-year-old woman, basically from South India and now living in Germany with my husband and a […]

My long love affair with stationery

(a)      The childhood love I have been writing, scribbling ever since I was child. My study notebooks from school days always finished 10 pages early, because back of the notebooks would be dedicated to scribbling stories. Sometimes my grandmother, who is was my Thamma, and my mother would end of inspecting my rough notes, practise […]