High quality, joyful and colorful Willwa washi tapes and stickers from Sweden. Easily beautifies every notebook or diary page.

Willwa is a creative brand that designs unique patterns and illustrations for washi tape & stationery. 

Willwa was founded in March 2017 by graphic and pattern designer Johanna Larsson and product designer Dean Nien-Fu Chen and is currently based in Huskvarna in beautiful Sweden. For our products we get inspiration from our Swedish nature and culture and we have patterns that are both illustrative and graphic. 

We at Willwa started this brand because of our love for washi tape, we love washi because of all the possibilities it gives you to be creative and decorate almost everything you can think of. We hope that with our products we can inspire and give people a way to be more creative in their everyday life and to find the joy that it brings! Thank you for supporting our small business!

Willwa washi tapes and stickers are a well invested add on for your writing toolkit.

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