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Hello Gardening 2021

1    Introduction Dear friends and readers, It has been a while since I wrote anything for the gardening section. Around September, usually chill sets in the weather and from October onwards it is chilly autumn, harvesting pumpkin and gradually winter.    There is also something about the grey outside, chilling rains and general cold weather of …

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Fall Indoor Gardening: Part1

Introduction The cycle of season is coming to an end for 2020 and fall is upon us. The sultry evenings, with mild romantic breeze kissing your cheek is gone and with it are gone the long, warm summer days. I live in Germany and for me the official harvest season is pretty much over. Right …

Gardening Gardening basics

The versatile Mint

Growing and gardening and dip recipe Gardening by Dance of Chaos Mint or pudina is a beloved herb. This versatile herb can be home grown by beginners. Mint requires a relatively spot in my experience, where it is relatively colder than the warm full blast of sun. Hence the ones that I plant outdoors usually …

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Sunflower bloom

Gardening stories by danceofchaos Any gardening enthusiast will tell you flowers are the jewel of your garden. They also require the most dedication and work. Those beautiful, colourful creations of nature, make you work throughout the year taking care of the plants in the harsh weather. When the spring comes and the planting and potting …

All Featured content Gardening Gardening basics

Growing Coriander at home

Gardening Basics by Danceofchaos Coriander is such a versatile herb. It is used everywhere. Growing it sounds easy right? Surprisingly not. Coriander, cilantro or Koriander(german) is a nice smelling herb used a lot in tropical and subtropical cuisine. Any mexican salsa is unfinished without freshly chopped cilantro. Do you know the secret ingredient behind amazing …

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