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My First 10 years in e-Mobility

My First 10 years in e-Mobility

E-Mobility, electrification of power train is the word that runs in everyone’s mouth. I am one of the lucky few who have seen the field grow and transfer and actively participate in it. It has been a busy day full of meetings and telephone calls and solving escalations, sending out MoM when suddenly I looked […]

Mandala ausmalen Postkarten zum Ausmalen

Warum Mandala ausmalen für Erwachsene hilft Stress zu reduzieren – 5 hilfreiche Tipps für den Start

Von: Christian from DanceofChaos Wir alle leben in einer Welt voller Stress. Körperliche und mentale Beanspruchung nehmen gefühlt von Jahr zu Jahr zu. Auf Dauer kann das gefährliche Ausmaße annehmen und langfristige psychische Schäden verursachen – u.a. die neue Volkskrankheit: Burnout. Darum ist es heute wichtiger denn je nach Wegen zu suchen, um die geistige […]

Sunflowers of my Garden

Sunflowers of my Garden

Life has a funny way of racing past you. Sometimes, when you take a small break, look around and take a deep breath, you realise how the circle of life goes around and around. Every year, in the same spot in my balcony blooms the sunflower. Yet every year it is different, the world is […]

Blog posts about gardening

About June 2022

The German summer is upon us. The days are long and bright and plenty of sun to go around. My skin is all ready for some Vitamin D and tan, my brain is flooding me with serotonin. Procastination and writing After procrastinating for a long time, today I decided to write a blog post. My […]

Parenting & Planning : At half year

Parenting & Planning : At half year

Hello dear reader Family, It has been a while since I shared our journey as new parents. You can read the previous two posts on our journey below if you want to. Half Yearly Journey As the days piled into weeks, weeks piled into months, we find ourselves half  year-old parents. As baby K grows, […]

What Are the Best Container Plants

What Are the Best Container Plants

By Olivia Johnson from Plantscraze Container gardening is a fantastic method to brighten up your front porch, add color to shaded areas, or deal with poor soil in your yard. Many plants can be grown in containers. Most of the time, plants cultivated in containers have fewer disease issues than plants grown in soil. Fewer […]

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