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Gardening 2022: Progress in April Weather

Gardening 2022: Progress in April Weather

Tanni for Danceof Chaos

Hello my lovely readers,

 I hope you had a good start to April. In Germany, April came with a flourish, doing whatever he wants to do. April macht was er will. And the month begun with snow, snow rain and rain.

My mother was excited at first and then she was annoyed and bored. She has seen German April before and was not very amused. My dad enjoyed the snow from the indoors and got a small walk even. Then they left for India. That is a whole another post, about growing pains and expat life.

Back to gardening. You can read the previous gardening post of this series by simply clicking on the post below.

April Gardening

Now back to gardening in April.

My father was luckily here for the April snow and together we managed to bring the seedlings under shade. There is not much space indoors for the plants but that was okay. The cold was not going to last forever. Sensitive seedlings like cucumber, neem were brought indoors and rest we did our best to protect them from the snow.

Once the snow made way for rain, I was happy that I have this small number of plant this year. I could make provisions for them so that some of their were not sogging wet and being flooded. Even buried under snow, I could see the tulips coming, albeit slowly.  I was planning to throw away all the old soil and dead plants and I am so glad my father told me not to do it.

The snow and the rain gave way to sunny weather. It is not quite hot outside, a pleasant twelve degrees. Thanks to long glass windows, inside is getting warm. It means the little one does not need to wear socks and she is having fun exploring her feet and toes with her mouth.

Back to green babies, the small flowering plants which attracts birds and bees are coming up very fast. Soon they will bloom. My peas, beans and some salad plants are also coming up. The chilli and bell pepper ( Paprika) plants are showing no sign of coming out, which is expected. I did not have time, energy, or space to grow the seedlings indoors beforehand and I am not sure I will harvest much chilli or paprika this year.

For the first time, my strawberry plants survived winter properly. They are back with a bang, all green and growing. Thanks to grandpa taking care of them, I can already see some flower buds coming from strawberry babies.

The best progress this year is my cucumber( Salatgurken) and Okra plants. Thanks to our adventurous squirrel neighbours, who managed to eat, uproot, and destroy all of them outdoors, I did not even risk them outdoor this time. Except for a week in a warm March sun, I have kept them indoors to help them grow. I have a huge west facing window that gives greenhouse effect in the afternoon and the plants are growing speedily, making me happy.

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Gardening 2022: Progress in April Weather

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