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The strawberry story

The strawberry story

I have become a bit of a garden person since last year. I think the latent gardening talent in me exploded like a volcano last year. From three half dead houseplants, I ended up having an urban jungle and most of them survived and made it to this year.

Gardening has been a huge source of stress release, calmness and exercise for me this past year.

Now that the basics were done, it was time for me to expand and build me up a vegetable garden, small balcony! never mind. I got myself two balcony vegetable pits and set to work. The strawberry story

My vegetable patches

This is just a start up experiment and I decided to include some basic garden herbs I need, some salad and my first ever strawberry experience.

Strawberries sound so exotic and colorful to my eyes. Like the green flower turns into this bright shade of pink and then red, among the lush green leaves, after a rainy summer evening : there is something intoxicating about them. Not to mention, strawberries are often the ingredient of a dessert in a romantic date or the perfect side dish for that glass of wine. Imagine picking them up freshly from the leaves and eating them or using them as garnish.

Funnily, once I planted the strawberry plants in my vegetable pot, I covered it to protect it from the outside chill, and I barely did anything at all. They grew real sturdy real quick

The strawberry storyThe first lush strawberry

After I planted them, I covered them with a plastic lid. It was a wise decision since the weather was quite chilly and soo. Afterwords the cold weather came back and some frost set in. Imagine my surprise when I saw the first bloom a few weeks back? I was even more happy when the blooms matured to green strawberries and they started to mature slowly. Today will be the first picking of my harvest from my garden. I feel so proud. The joy of helping to create something is so exquisite.



    Inheritance of gardening from grandfather,grandmother and father make you a green lady .
    Carry on darling make your world with energetic green.

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