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An Evening Conversation and Yoga

Tanni for Danceof Chaos

“I am exhausted! And I feel I am not doing anything at all! And you want to do what?” I exclaimed to my husband.

He made his puppy eye and pleaded, I will do it only after baby K goes to bed, please I had a very stressful day at work today.”

“ Sure, It’s all about you and your male needs. What about my need to relax after taking care of our baby whole day.” I was fuming.

He : I will take care of her now, and then after she falls asleep, will go and cycle a bit.

It was a long, tough day. Baby K will not sleep during the day and trying to put her down for a nap was a unwinnable battle. I just was irritated and needed to vent it out. These days, I don’t feel like I do much more than cooking, cleaning, and baby. Post-partum is not fun.

Me:   What about me and spending time with me? Don’t you want to help in the house ?

He :  Um I cleaned the kitchen, and you hung the wash. There is nothing left to do.

Me : There is, I will find something for you to do. Why do you have to do indoor cycling every day?

He : Umm baby, I do it only for you. So that I can eat your awesome food.

I burst out.

What do you mean? My awesome food. You are turning me into a cook. All I do is cook, eat, then think of what to eat and then make food and eat. I am hungry all the time. Does it ever occur to you to offer to make food? What if I want to write my blog post?

He : Do you want to write blog post?

Me : No, not now. Theoretically I want to. It’s  not a switch. Creativity has flow. I need to sit in peace for a few hours to do so.

He : Umm Baby, don’t get mad but you are glued to your tablet all the time.

Me : What can I do with a hungry baby docked to my boobs all the time? You could offer to take care of her.

Baby K loudly interjects her demand this moment. Mommy and Daddy were spending way too much time looking at each other. No likey! I star! I baby! I people look and admire. They admire us ( royal we).

Me ( after latching baby back on to her night feed) : Just saying, you can offer to do keep me a little more happy you know! I don’t feel like I am doing anything. And I hate your stupid cycle and it’s noise.

He : Here, I warmed up the food.  give me your phone and eat.

I still pout: You are in charge of meal prep this week!!!!

He : Foin! Don’t be mad if it is not gourmet food.

Me : Foin! I will settle for sandwiches and spaghetti. You can cook me khichudi one day.

He hopefully : So, cycle tonight??

Me : Absolutely not!!!!!!

*** After 30 minutes***

Me : I haven’t done my Yoga today. Want to  do it with me?

He : Sure. Anything for you baby.


Once baby K was put to bed, we spent a blissful hour destressing, doing Yoga together. I guess I just missed doing something with him.

I also missed writing something creative, that did not involve doing something for the shop.

I wanted to write about me time. He suggested to write about doing Yoga together.

I wanted to write a big article, with pros cons, life, me time, destressing, mindfulness.

Instead, this came to me today.

I am happy that I wrote something again.