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About June 2022

The German summer is upon us. The days are long and bright and plenty of sun to go around. My skin is all ready for some Vitamin D and tan, my brain is flooding me with serotonin. Procastination and writing After procrastinating for a long time, today I decided to write a blog post. My […]

Parenting & Planning : At half year

Hello dear reader Family, It has been a while since I shared our journey as new parents. You can read the previous two posts on our journey below if you want to. Half Yearly Journey As the days piled into weeks, weeks piled into months, we find ourselves half  year-old parents. As baby K grows, […]

Planning as a new mommy: on the Go Version

I have been doing bullet journaling from 2016. It helped me stay organised and handle the huge amount of information I had to handle daily. As my blog name suggested, I am always finding rhythm  in the chaos of life and journaling and tracking helps me do it. I have detailed about how I try […]

Minimal and useful Journal Layout

Using Notebook with coloured pages I must admit, my journaling has been slacking off a little in the recent times. The tasks and ToDo list from work, home and my business have been all over the place in the last few months.  As much as I love my digital tools, sometimes, putting the information down […]

My long love affair with stationery

(a)      The childhood love I have been writing, scribbling ever since I was child. My study notebooks from school days always finished 10 pages early, because back of the notebooks would be dedicated to scribbling stories. Sometimes my grandmother, who is was my Thamma, and my mother would end of inspecting my rough notes, practise […]

Personal Life |2

1.1         Chores 1.1.1        Routine The biggest key to conquer those daily chores is to have a routine. It is again not easy to stick to the routine. Depending on work, family etc situation, you may or may not be able to organise the chores always in advance. However, if there is an understanding about when […]

Personal Life |1

1.1         Planning Most of us are juggling multiple roles in life : work, family time, hobbies.  It is also true that a lot of the tasks to do in personal life comes spontaneously. As a result, sometimes we choose one thing over another; in worse cases we try to do everything and end up being […]