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Parenting & Planning : At half year

Hello dear reader Family, It has been a while since I shared our journey as new parents. You can read the previous two posts on our journey below if you want to. Half Yearly Journey As the days piled into weeks, weeks piled into months, we find ourselves half  year-old parents. As baby K grows, […]

Planning as a new mommy: on the Go Version

I have been doing bullet journaling from 2016. It helped me stay organised and handle the huge amount of information I had to handle daily. As my blog name suggested, I am always finding rhythm  in the chaos of life and journaling and tracking helps me do it. I have detailed about how I try […]

Minimal and useful Journal Layout

Using Notebook with coloured pages I must admit, my journaling has been slacking off a little in the recent times. The tasks and ToDo list from work, home and my business have been all over the place in the last few months.  As much as I love my digital tools, sometimes, putting the information down […]

Work/Life : Lockdown Experience: Part2

Hello everyone, I begun writing about work-life balance lockdown edition last week. Even when I wanted to write one post only, I am writing a two post series. Today I want to continue from where I left off last week and start with the mental exhaustion and move to the more positive aspects of the […]

Work/Life : Lockdown Experience: Part1

Hello my lovely readers, How are you. Last year I wrote a small series on the work-life balance for working women. With everything going on in 2020, it felt like a good time to update my views on the topic. 2020 has changed the way we work, for most of us. Suddenly we find, working […]

My friend Megha : And her stash of stationary

So, my friend Megha turned a quarter of century two weeks back on 14 March. I told her I will send you a present from my trip. I did send her something, except I forgot to write her name before I put it in post, so I kinda owe her something. Since I promised myself, […]

Negative Impacts of personal stress

The work life relationship is an ongoing series I am writing on the different aspects of a working woman’s life. Some of my experiences can be relatable to you, some might not and I hope you would have a nice time reading it nevertheless. You can find the previous posts here : The work life […]