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What Are the Best Container Plants

By Olivia Johnson from Plantscraze Container gardening is a fantastic method to brighten up your front porch, add color to shaded areas, or deal with poor soil in your yard. Many plants can be grown in containers. Most of the time, plants cultivated in containers have fewer disease issues than plants grown in soil. Fewer […]

My Experience as Small Business Owner

By Anwesa, owner of My Motivation Almost a year back, I finally gave shape to a childhood dream – my own bookshop! While my original dream involved tree-houses to read in, a million books, author visits and more, in reality it’s a little online bookshop – but it will have to do, for now. I […]

The Group that Got Your Back

A guest contribution by a new Indian mom in Germany This is my first blog. Let me put this disclaimer in the beginning so that you will forgive any mistakes or poor writing from here on. I am a 29-year-old woman, basically from South India and now living in Germany with my husband and a […]

Thinking of Granddad

Storytelling is an art. To keep your audience engaged with an incident about which he/ she is quite ignorant requires an extra gift. Specially if the audience happens to consist of kids below the age of ten years, making them sit at one place is a herculean task. But not so for my grandfather, my […]

My journey of writing

Guest Writing by Uma Chandrasekar First of all, I would like to thank Tanni from the bottom of my heart for giving me this wonderful opportunity to share my writing journey. I am glad I came to discover her amazing blog through Instagram. I am very delighted to be a part of her blog. My […]

Saree Sakhi- শাড়ী সখী

Pen By Madhura মায়ের টিয়া রঙের শাড়ীটার প্রতি অনেকদিন ধরেই নজর শ্রেয়ার। কিন্তু শাড়ীটা মা মোটেই তাকে দিতে রাজি না। যে নিজের একটা কাজ ঠিক করে করতে পারে না-সে নাকি শাড়ী পরে কলেজে যাবে!!! তবেই হয়েছে! এর আগে স্কুলের শেষ দিনে যখন সব বন্ধুরা শাড়ী পরে বিদায়ীউৎসবে যোগদান করেছিল, তখনও মা কে কিছুতেই শাড়ীর জন্য […]

Weight Loss and Magic Pills

#WeightLossProgram_and_MagicPill – A thought-provoking article by KolomeDebarati Dear readers, Have you ever had plans to get rid of the extra fat in your body and look slimmer? Looking to hit the gyms and get into a rigorous workout session to shed weight? I can give you a better and easier alternative than the tiring gym […]

Unlocking… A lockdown experience

Pen by Madhura Mask-check, sanitizer-check, gloves-check, head cover-check -remember Monica and Ross from ‘Friends’ doing similar checks before flying to London? I now do it regularly before leaving for office. We are now slowly adapting ourselves to the changed circumstance. Venturing out for work is necessary, but the virus is still there. Precautions need to […]