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A Cosy Fall Sunday/ Ein gemütlicher Herbst Sonntag

English Hello my lovely readers, how are you? I have been planning and writing very focussed blog posts for the last few months and today I decided to take a break and write something light, cheery and fun. A Cosy Sunday  The year just ran past by me and now we are already counting the […]

Cooking in Quarantine: Edition 2

Introduction Corona has thrown a lot of our regular routine out of balance. I am one of the lucky few that it is just me and my husband, working from home, we share the household chores including cooking. One would think we have it completely under control and powering our way to be the power […]

Homeoffice Essen

Hallo und willkommen auf dem Blog. Heute möchte ich über Essen plaudern. Wer von euch befindet sich immer noch im Homeoffice? Wir arbeiten seit sechs Monaten zu Hause. Es gibt’s Pro und Contra für die Situation. Ich bin froh, dass ich durchgehend von zu Hause arbeiten darf. Ich erledige viel in der Arbeit, zu Hause, […]

লকডাউনের রান্নাবাটি

পশ্চিমদেশের নিরিবিলি এক শহরে আমাদের বাস, আমি এবং আমার জর্মন পতি। সোম থেকে শুক্র কর্তা-গিন্নী অফিস যাই। অফিসে ক্যান্টিনে খাই। সপ্তাহে একাধিক দিন সন্ধেবেলা বাইরে খাই বা আনিয়ে নি।হপ্তায় দু-তিন দিন যতন করে রাঁধি – দুইজনেই খুশি। দিব্যি চলছিল, এমন সময় করোনা দেবীর প্রাদুর্ভাব। আমাদের এখানে February র শেষ থেকে চলাফেরার নিষেধাজ্ঞা, এই কিছুদিন আগে […]

Weight Loss and Magic Pills

#WeightLossProgram_and_MagicPill – A thought-provoking article by KolomeDebarati Dear readers, Have you ever had plans to get rid of the extra fat in your body and look slimmer? Looking to hit the gyms and get into a rigorous workout session to shed weight? I can give you a better and easier alternative than the tiring gym […]

The Pujas

Pen By Madhura Our locality was full of small to medium scale factories. Viswakarma Puja was celebrated with aplomb in this region. We would know that Viswakarma Puja is coming as the sky would be covered with colourful kites, which the youths would fly in the afternoon. On the eve of Viswakarma Puja, some households […]

Innovative Cooking: The quarantine canteen

The gustatory dance by Danceofchaos The quarantine for the last few months have been very productive in many field of home improvement. On a regular office day, we would get up, have breakfast, go to work and our lunch and some cases early dinners would be taken care of the Office Canteen or some form […]

Travel Anecdotes

 Diaries by Madhura These days travelling is quite a norm. We travel for office work, to visit family or to spend a holiday. I am also no exception to this norm. And I have some beautiful memories associated with travel.  While traveling by public transport on a particular route every day, one tends to see […]