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My Experience as Small Business Owner

By Anwesa, owner of My Motivation Almost a year back, I finally gave shape to a childhood dream – my own bookshop! While my original dream involved tree-houses to read in, a million books, author visits and more, in reality it’s a little online bookshop – but it will have to do, for now. I […]

Plan and Register Your Business in Germany

Hello DanceofChaos lover,  If you have read my previous two posts on this series “From Dream to Launch”, you know how the idea to open an online retail store for stationery came to my mind. You can always refresh your mind by reading them once again. So far I have talked about how I ended […]

From My Dream to our Launch : Seeds of Dream

How did I get the idea?                   (i)     Background Being an entrepreneur is difficult job, long hours, hard work, lots of effort to be put in and the returns are not always guaranteed. On the other hand, being an entrepreneur can be so rewarding. You begin from the concept, what your niche should be, you […]