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From My Dream to our Launch : Seeds of Dream

From My Dream to our Launch : Seeds of Dream

Goals and Productivity by Dance of Chaos

How did I get the idea?

                  (i)     Background

Being an entrepreneur is difficult job, long hours, hard work, lots of effort to be put in and the returns are not always guaranteed. On the other hand, being an entrepreneur can be so rewarding. You begin from the concept, what your niche should be, you plan it, you fall, you get up , you learn and with luck you have some success, all the while being your own boss.

The idea of running your own business has always been an attractive goal to me. I simply just did not know what I should offer, what my unique products should be and that always seemed to be a stumbling block. That is, it was until I saw one aunt of mine convert her passion for textiles and handloom to her business and brand. Her compassion, the need for ethically sourced clothing, her circle of like minded patrons, her perseverance all of it made it possible. She put in her hard work but she created something beautiful that she loved and was proud about.

The way she connected her experience with her passion, inspired me to do the same.

From My Dream to our Launch : Seeds of Dream
Work notebook I use currently

                 (ii)     Connecting my experience with passion

I have a demanding and fulfilling job in a very dynamic and changing field of technology. And I love my job and in future I want to do something  entrepreneurial in the field of my professional expertise, but it will be a while before I am ready for that step.

 Part of handling the complicated tasks and responsibilities in my senior role encouraged me to start my productivity journaling at work. I combined my To-do lists and priority matrixes from various projects that I manage and started taking down notes more often. As much as I know Microsoft Teams and other tools, sometimes, the notebook and the pen is the best.

 And I brought my personal love and craziness about beautiful notebooks and cool stationery to my office and in 2020 to my home office.

Due to the world situation in 2020, disconnecting home office and personal space was almost impossible for a lot of us.

I even wrote my experience about work-life balance while working nonstop from home in a number of blog posts and into a huge series in my blog. You can catch the entire series by visiting the Productivity and work life page.

Anyway, as I was writing more in blog, I was sharing and spreading the word about it online, my notebooks and layouts started gathering notice.

This is how I slowly realised, that the the beautiful stationery I collect from various corners of internet, has a demand beyond me. That is when I knew, if I dip my feet into starting a business, I will start with something stationery.

In the next blog post, I want to side step a bit and tell you about how the whole love for stationery even started.

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From My Dream to our Launch : Seeds of Dream

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