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Unlocking… A lockdown experience

Pen by Madhura Mask-check, sanitizer-check, gloves-check, head cover-check -remember Monica and Ross from ‘Friends’ doing similar checks before flying to London? I now do it regularly before leaving for office. We are now slowly adapting ourselves to the changed circumstance. Venturing out for work is necessary, but the virus is still there. Precautions need to …

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The Pujas

Pen By Madhura Our locality was full of small to medium scale factories. Viswakarma Puja was celebrated with aplomb in this region. We would know that Viswakarma Puja is coming as the sky would be covered with colourful kites, which the youths would fly in the afternoon. On the eve of Viswakarma Puja, some households …

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The Tidal waves

Pen By Madhura So long, the writing mainly revolved around the different things that we enjoyed as child. But of course there were certain things which we would never like to return to our lives. The most important one is the tidal water which regularly came to our house after the monsoon receded. Our house …

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Travel Anecdotes

Madhura is the latest author to contribute to this blog. If you like her write-up, do show your appreciation by liking the post. Please share our work, if you like it. You can click on the share button at the bottom of this blog. The blog aims to bring small pleasure in reading or listening …

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Days without Power

Quarantine Diaries by Madhura                    Summer in Kolkata is quite unbearable due to its humid nature. What made it more unbearable was the occasional powercuts that we would had throughout the day. The most affected time was afternoon when the sun would be at its peak. We had hand-fans, made of talpata. Tal is the …

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