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The Tidal waves

The Tidal waves

Pen By Madhura

So long, the writing mainly revolved around the different things that we enjoyed as child. But of course there were certain things which we would never like to return to our lives. The most important one is the tidal water which regularly came to our house after the monsoon receded.

Our house is by the side of the Ganga River that cuts through the city of Kolkata. From a very tender age, we had witnessed tidal water entering our houses through the kaccha drain. This was mainly due to the fact that over siltation in the river raised the water level when the Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) would release some water from its barrage after a heavy monsoon. It was a nightmare for us.

Initially the water would seep in the garden area, which was good for the plants. But when larger volumes of water were released, a huge proportion of the same would enter the house. It would come twice a day-around afternoon and late at night. We would generally have our guards on during afternoon, but at night the scene would be more pathetic.

This water would continue for quite some days, sometimes for a week also. The water left heavy mud in the house as well as on the roads. The playgrounds would be inundated with water and remain waterlogged for sometimes, prompting it to be breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Generally we would have our half-Yearly examination during this time. Imagine our plight when we would be locked in the home with water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. It was difficult for people to understand that in proper Kolkata, such a place existed. Our house would be badly affected by the water, but since it was built in old times, it still stands tall.

This tidal water was at its worse in 2007 when I was a second year undergraduate student. Water had gushed in like river. All precautions fell short in front of it. Our desktop got affected as water entered the CPU. The compressor of the refrigerator also gave way. The family members also got affected. My grandma caught pneumonia and I suffered from typhoid shortly after the water receded. This was definitely a memorable year for all the wrong reasons.

We cannot have a lifetime of happiness or a lifetime of sadness. A combination of both helps us to live and grow. Focusing on the positive sides helps us to move ahead while the negative things teach us to be stronger. That’s the beauty of life. Hope you all enjoyed this series.

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