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Chili Green

Chili Green

My gardening hobby kicked in last year in full steam. And after seeing how much joy they bring me I decided to try vegetable gardening this time. 

Where I grow my chili

I just have a small balcony, so I have to maximize the usage of space for my garden and then some to actually walk and enjoy that garden.

Balcony vegetable beds are quite handy for growing vegetables in indoor gardens. I got two of these beds for a combination of vegetables. I initially planted coriander, the chili, the strawberries and some chive together in a biggish bed.

My big balcony bed is nothing but a oversized pot. So putting a lot of vegetables, each with different growth rate in different seasons was not a very good idea.

The strawberries and the coriander initially dominated the growth of the chili because of the same pot. Once I realized the chili was not growing well, I transferred it into its own pot.

Chili Green
A couple of weeks after potting in bed, April 2019

No sooner had the chili gotten its own pot, that it started to grow super fast.

Chili Green
August 2019, the plant has grown huge but no chili so far. Plenty of flowers though.

For my garden, I add organic fertilizers occasionally. My balcony gets plenty of sun and with lots of sun and my love, the chili has grown up into a big plant now. 

So far there are no chili growing on it. However, it has plenty of flowers and warm September is just starting. Soon I can also eat spicy green chillies.

If you like this post, do read my experiences as an amateur gardener in my other posts: How it all started and the first time I grew strawberries

If you want me to post more detailed information about planting, potting and other experiences, do let me know. I try to keep my posts simple as of yet.

Do follow my pinterest board for more garden ideas.


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    1. This is the wordpress theme magnitude. Its free theme with paid upgrade option. I have the free version, with a few color customisation. nothing special.

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  3. Swami Buddhadevananda

    You may try alabera and Brahmmi; I do not know Botanical name that you can find out.Alabera jelly is good for skin and Brahmmi keeps human cool.

    1. I have aloevera. Brahmi will not grow here. Thankuni died despite trying hard.

  4. Since we are into gardening these days too, I will be glad to read more about fertilizers and other stuff, which might be useful for the beginners.

    1. That’s a fantastic idea. I will plan something too.

  5. Nice…you really are passionate about gardening! Keep it up

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