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A typical workday when you have cold

This is a totally unplanned post today.

I have been pre planning and jotting down ideas and structuring my posts. It felt like I am stressing myself out again and putting pressure on something which was supposed to be relaxing and hobby.

Do you guys also suffer from this? Not taking anything slowly and making everything a top priority and you have to somehow be the best in it? All my hobbies turn out like that. Dancing has become about excellence and being a good dancer, learning something new about how to be super good in it and I always make everything about goals for me.

Today I was forced to take it slower because of the cold I have. It is not bad enough that I would need to switch off but it did make me stay in bed longer and I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do at work and at home. It really made me think whether I am pushing myself with my blog too. So I have decided, while I am finishing my series post once a week, I will post something random in between.

Do try my gardening series post if you haven’t, by the way.

Today’s Routine

Today started slowly. I got up way later than I usually do, skipped yoga, had very light breakfast of just some protein and coffee. I drank a lot of coffee in the morning and a lot of tea too. I have become quite a coffee lover in the last few months I must say.

I drank a lot of green tea today. There is nothing like adhrak walli chai when you have cold and it is chilly outside. I had ginger honey tea, mixed with fresh mint leaves. Brewed like 2/3 liters of it today. Now, in the evening, I am feeling myself again. My voice is back.

When You are living alone, sometimes you need to go do the chores despite everything. I had to go out to get some groceries and then I realised that I am not that fit today.

My boss offered to give me a sick leave, but I had a few stuff to finish and so I worked partially from home today. It is difficult to focus on work when you are a little sick. Yet I was not too sick and it gets so boring when you are fit enough so that doing nothing feels like a bliss. There was no appetite today and so I stuck to soup and tea.

I managed to sneak in some reading in the evening. I stayed on couch, wrapped in a comfy blanket, and watched reality tv and ate chocolates as dessert.

Time to introspect

It felt so good to just take it easy. I could just sit back and appreciate myself a little more.

I realised that I am always working towards a goal everyday. Either I am trying to go a step ahead to my fitness goal, or it is hobby, or I am studying something, or I am cooking.

I exhaust myself by setting difficult to achieve goals or myself and I should stop and appreciate myself for what I do a little more often. I should give myself these breaks without falling sick to do so.

It is relatively chilly these days, I don’t have much to do in my garden except picking tomatoes. I would probably soon grow herbs at home with hydroculture but there is still time left for it to plan. I think some salad, mint and one more winter herb. This time, I hope to succeed.

I am happy how my day turned out finally. I was not able to speak when I woke up, I still managed to do some work and be productive in it. Then I managed to do some chores and I also managed to sneak in this blog post. I also managed to get a important thing which has some significance in the coming days.

Do you also have such days? Chilly cold days when you have to slow yourself down a little and heal yourself a little. What do you usually do on such days. Do let me know in your comments. Waiting to hear from you.


  1. When I get cold ,I sleep a lot after taking medicine ,generally I get cold with fever ,that makes me feel too weak …I drink ginger tea, coffee and have soup as food since there will be hardly any taste in mouth

  2. Loved this blog. I’m also under the weather today, have a cold and sinus headache. Will be making your ginger, honey, mint tea tomorrow and drink several liters of it

    1. Do it. I am much better today. Also sleep a little more. Even half an hour more helps a lot.

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