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1.1         Planning and Organising Tasks If you have to stick to a major deadline, plan it ahead with enough buffer time in it to accomplish within deadline. Do not leave everything for the last moment. This creates unnecessary stress and tension and the quality of work decreases. Planning ahead always helps. Almost all projects, big …

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Boundaries for tasks This is a tricky topic. What does setting boundaries for tasks even mean? If you have a deadline, you must finish it by the deadline and do everything you can to achieve. That is what is always told and as a result, we constantly push ourselves to finish the tasks by deadline. …

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Decorate the Home office corner This goes without saying that if you have some items that help you think, inspire you, motivate you, you should keep it on your desk. That is why people have photos of their kids, a stress ball, a funky appointment calendar at their office desk. But what if those are …

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Dedicated Working Space

The first thing in the working from home is having a fixed working space. Those of you, who have been working from home regularly, must have a fixed area where you usually work from. Those who do not, need to create one. It is not easy to create such a dedicated space, specially if your …

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Work/Life : Lockdown Experience: Part2

Hello everyone, I begun writing about work-life balance lockdown edition last week. Even when I wanted to write one post only, I am writing a two post series. Today I want to continue from where I left off last week and start with the mental exhaustion and move to the more positive aspects of the …

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