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Manage Work| 3

Manage Work| 3

Day to Day by DanceofChaos

Boundaries for tasks

This is a tricky topic. What does setting boundaries for tasks even mean? If you have a deadline, you must finish it by the deadline and do everything you can to achieve. That is what is always told and as a result, we constantly push ourselves to finish the tasks by deadline.

While setting a goal and a due date is a fantastic way to achieve the said goal, we must also be careful to not go overboard. Know your limits, do not take over too much task, be it at work or home. You are just one person and you should give yourself enough rest as well.

If you have multiple commitments, due to work, hobby, family etc: plan it ahead. You cannot be everywhere and do everything. When you have a performance on Sunday for example, try not to organise a dinner party on Saturday evening. If someone requests you to do something, that might stretch your capabilities, please make sure that the things on your plate gets done properly or are scheduled to be done properly before you take on more. It is important that you be firm with others when you take on responsibilities.

Also set boundaries by yourself for yourself. I often goes into that excitement filled with powering through and before I know, I am thinking of a topic way too much. Just recently, I was so busy creating the perfect Priority Matrix, I could not sleep. I wanted to get right to it, at midnight. This happening on a regular basis will lead to a poor balance and the quality always suffer as outcome.

Over creation is not a good idea.

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Manage Work| 3

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