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Personal Life |1

Personal Life |1

Day to Day by DanceofChaos

1.1         Planning

Most of us are juggling multiple roles in life : work, family time, hobbies.  It is also true that a lot of the tasks to do in personal life comes spontaneously. As a result, sometimes we choose one thing over another; in worse cases we try to do everything and end up being exhausted and unhappy.

Good planning is key. The usual chores can be planned and divided among the household members. You can always step up to help if there is emergency. Planning ensures that day to day activities run smoothly.

There are lots of ways to plan. A simple one would be to hang a piece of paper with the task list of the day/ week. Some have monthly calendars to note down important events, and noting down the routine activities.

Yet others prefer to use planners: daily, weekly, monthly, annual overview. There are so many such options available. For personal use, I also prefer to use a planner. I spend so much time online, with different online planning tools for work purposes, I want to use pen and paper for my personal needs. I have bought daily planners, weekly planners, and monthly planners before. Sometimes I get customized products from small businesses online. I use unorthodoxpeeps regularly for example as I prefer her products a lot.

1.1         Set Alarm for personal stuff

As I previously mentioned about setting boundaries for work and including slots for personal time in the office planners if necessary, it always helps if you block some time to do the daily chores. You may always end up losing a portion of that time to some work or another, but at least the meeting will stay at the back of your head and you will be conscious about your daily work.

These days, I seem to be caught in a call, even when I am already on another call and in my lunch break. Now that the time difference has also increased between old home and new home: I have started reserving meeting time to talk to my grandmother and my parents.

I also try to block time in the office calender for runs, yoga etc to make sure I actually do that and not sink deep into finishing some pending task or other.

1.2         Make time for meals

This section comes off on the back of a few back to back lunch time meetings I had recently because whatever; I absolutely hate this even though there are occasions I cannot control them.

Food is one of our basic and primary necessity. All of that we are doing now, the work, the hustle it means nothing if we are not healthy, are not eating right and eating healthy and giving our food the attention, it deserves. We give time for so many thinks yet almost always grabbing a quick bite. We should try to do the opposite. One thing I have learned after watching some of my co-workers is, even if during the day they have to grab a quick bite, there is one meal they always take the time off. Food is meant to be respected, savoured, and eaten slowly. Make time for your meals, at least for breakfast and dinner. I know my balance is haywire and I need to restore it whenever I see I am rushing my meals or not enjoying them properly.

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Personal Life |1

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