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Minimal and useful Journal Layout

Minimal and useful Journal Layout

Using Notebook with coloured pages

Tanni for Danceof Chaos

I must admit, my journaling has been slacking off a little in the recent times. The tasks and ToDo list from work, home and my business have been all over the place in the last few months.  As much as I love my digital tools, sometimes, putting the information down on pen and paper is really necessary to work through the day.

That is why I decided to go for  minimal layouts. I just choose a weekly, or rolling task list, as I see fit.

I have experimented with so many different size and format of notebooks, but my comfort zone is always the white dot grid notebooks. So I decided to give the coloured notebooks also a chance. I may not be producing visually stunning artwork like some amazing Instagram artists but I would probably be motivated to use it more.

With all that in mind, I have gone minimal, functional for my September and October 2021 layouts.

Functional Setup of September Layout

Minimal and useful Journal Layout

More to functional setup for September 2021. The key was to identify what set up did I need the most? I am currently at home, preparing for an important event and I have a lot of coordination and tasks related to that. What I needed was  weekly setup with task list and important events reminder.

So I set up my weeklies to work also as ToDo List. Each week has an event and meeting overview for the week to adjust any appointment. I just made an additional page layout to plan and schedule the social media posts.

That way my journal setup was exactly what I needed. Whenever I remembered a task, I wrote it down. Each day I would check my schedule and it actually helped me catch up with pending stuff to do without feeling overwhelmed.

My next big to do is to organise my office space and my closet. I am planning to implement a rolling to do List for October to get it done step by step. . I will elaborate on the October layouts a little more in the coming days, as the biggest festival of my culture, Durgapuja will take place in October and I have dedicated my October spread for that.

 For now I hope you enjoy my short experiment with minimal and different layout.

Upcoming Video on fully filled September Pages

The flip through of the filled up September layout is due to drop on Friday. Save the date and check out the filled September layout at our Facebook Page / Instagram/ Pinterest.

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Minimal and useful Journal Layout

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