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Princess Daisy‘s toy area

Princess Daisy’s Diary – Part 2: Princess Daisy crawls now

Tanni for Danceof Chaos

Princess Daisy has recently found out; she can move her hands and her legs and she can move forward. It is kind of like when Mommy does Yoga. Mommy goes all on hand and foot and then she becomes a table. Sometimes Mommy becomes a triangle tent. When Daisy was a baby, she would lie beside mommy and tell her to look at her. And then everyone would be, hey the baby is crying. Now Daisy can move. So she just goes between mommy’s hand and foot and looks at mommy. Once she even sneaked a kiss on mommy. Mommy went, whoops! I lost my balance and she sat and laughed and laughed and hugged Daisy.

Now that Daisy can move, things are so much interesting. She does not need mommy and daddy to take her everywhere. And Daisy can better conserve her energy and practise her singing. It was such a bother, having to call them every time she needed to move. Daisy would call them or ask for some milk and all everyone else would say is baby is crying. As if!!! Daisy does not cry. Mommy knows that. Papa knows that too.

Some days, Mommy gets up and wear colours on her face and go away. Daisy barely wakes up then. She will be back after such a long time. Other days, Mommy does a lot of tick tick tick  at her table. She wears a black hairband and talks into it. Mommy talks to invisible people!! And people say Daisy babbles. Sheesh!!

Sometimes, mommy picks her up. Daisy then tries to see who is talking behind the hairband.

Whatever!  Daisy has more fun with Papa these days. Papa stays home with her. Daisy eats with Papa and then sleeps with Papa and plays with Papa. Papa makes such sounds when he tells her stories. And Papa is as big as the cold big box. The cold box has food. When Papa opens it, Daisy knows its food time! Or strawberry time. Daisy just rolls to papa and opens her hand.

Daisy can go from one corner to another corner on her own now. Daisy has her playroom in the house and it has a pink door. Daisy knows how to open the door and close it. She loves to open the door and close it.  The playroom can make sound and it has rolls on it, Daisy can turn them. But her favorite toy is her home office. It sings, “ Wir sind eingewählt” and plays red green light.

One day, Aunty B came for a visit and brought Daisy’s friend Willow with her. Daisy and Willow sat in her play room and played. Daisy and Willow loved the home office. They were crawling behind each other to get the home office. Aunty B was laughing and laughing. She was so happy. She immediately ordered Willow a home office.

Daisy is so big now, she can take her own toys out. Mommy noticed it when Daisy would make noise behind Mommy while mommy did tick tick tick on her Home Office toy. Mommy had her toy area, with loads of books and pencils. She has thick books with loads of pages for Daisy to try her strength. She also keeps colour paper out for Daisy. So mommy gave Daisy her own toy zone. Now Daisy’s books and toys are close to her play area. Daisy can pull them out as much as she wants. She could not turn pages, but now she can. She has her tiny books with pictures. Akki mashi gave them to Daisy. They have nice pictures. Mummy gave Daisy books that makes sounds. It is so fun to see how the books will make sounds.

Daisy is not at all happy with the crawling. She wants to stand up and walk soon. Then she can take all the big girl books on top too. That can wait a little longer. She has enough to explore within her reach for now.

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