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Switching Gears

Beginning The wind rushed through Mamata‘s hair as her aunt switched the gear one higher. She was going to merge into the highway now. Truth be told, Mamata was scared to drive into the highway for the first time, Her aunt on the driving wheel. She had only driven a handful of time on the […]

Cleaning the cupboard

The Cupboard Smita was cleaning her mother’s cupboard alone. The clothes needed to be organised and those that could be donated or distributed, needed to be sorted out. Sumit had wanted to join her but Smita saw no point in Sumit coming today. It was just some old sarees and knick-knacks. Siladevi, Smita and Sarita’s […]

One Crazy Day

Last Night When Mita went to bed yesterday, everything was perfect. Tomorrow’s clothes pressed and ready. The presentation prepared and ready in the USB stick, with backups in her email, hard disc, and another USB stick. Tomorrow’s make-up was ready. Vritya, 9, and Athir,6, were tucked in bed and they surprisingly fell asleep right on […]

Seeing Sunrise

It has been one long day…so many hours slogging on the smart pane, even the upgraded viewer, attached to neural cortex was hurting. “Archaeology is some backbreaking shit!”:  grumbled RIA0307. “And boy did they love to document and digitize everything since they got hold of the prehistoric mobile technology”. Their ancestors were funny, lived in […]