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Princess Daisy’s World

Princess Daisys World

Tanni for Danceof Chaos

Princess Daisy is new to the world, being all of eight months. That is not very long time to you. But Daisy feels each day was full of so many things, that they were each long year. And she is determined to enjoy each year.

When Daisy was a Baby

When Daisy was a tiny little baby, many  moons ago, mommy used to hold her all the time. All she had to do was to tell mommy. No one understood, but mommy did. Mostly she was hungry and confused and wanted mommy. But sometimes mommy was not there. Daisy would be so scared, she would cry, “Mommy! Mommy! Please come to me!”. Sometimes daddy would come and take her in his arms. It was okay then too.

Daisy loves mommy’s voice, mommy talks to her so much. She is always telling her stories. Daisy wants to see everything mommy tells her about. She loves travel to living  room where there was so much sun. She liked this sun. it felt so yummy and cosy, this sun and so much light. When mommy is beside her rolling on the floor, it is even better. Mommy rolls in front of the funny thing, sometimes aunty A is talking to mommy in the fun thing.

Daisy and the fun thing

Daisy loves the fun thing. Mommy tells that is a No No. That is mommy toy. Daisy loves mommy toys. Daisy has a fun thing too. It tells her funny sounds, and then sound plays. But mommy’s fun thing shows dada and didu. Dada and Didu were here when daisy was  not very small but still small. She could not sit then. Dada would put Daisy in her princess car and roam around the world. It was so much fun. Then dada and dida went to the funny thing. Daisy loves their voice. Whenever she sees dada and dida on funny thing, she tries to touch them, like she did before. But she cannot touch them. And Mommy says, no no. This is mommy’s toy. Daisy is just eight months old, but there are so many no no in this world.

Daisy has an aunt. Auntie loves her very much. Aunty sings to her, and calls Daisy her tiny kitten. Daisy does not know how auntie smells. Daisy wants to go and see auntie as soon as possible.

Daisy loves to play

Daisy loves playing with mommy. Mommy plays with Daisy too. But mommy goes away. She says she is making Daisy food or washing Daisy’s clothes. But Daisy wants mommy to only play with her. Mommy dances around Daisy too. It is so much fun when mommy does “wheels on bus go round and round”. She does “der Pavian der Pavian and makes faces. Daisy can laugh all day long. Sometimes daddy says Hi from a corner. OMG!! It is so much fun when his face is shown. And he can make all sorts of funny sounds.

Daisy’s favorite toy

Daisy has a lot of stuff to play with. But her most favourite toys are the box full of scraps of clothes. It is so much fun to take them out. Then mommy comes and puts them back in. Even daddy likes to play that with her. He showers those scraps on her and spreads them around. Daisy laughs and laughs. Now Daisy can move a little, so she can get her clothes. There are so many things to take out. Daisy sings when she is happy. She takes out her toys when she is happy. Daisy likes to talk a lot. Mommy does not understand everything Daisy says. But Daisy knows mommy is learning fast.

 There are some no no boxes in living room. They taste good too, Daisy secretly tries to eat them. When mommy or daddy sees that, they put their fingers in and take it out. Sometimes mommy makes big round eyes. Why would mommy make big round eyes? Daisy bursts in tears then.

Daisy likes to clean the coffee table. Daisy’s crawling mats are there. But there is also a no no box there. Daisy has some of these boxes, but they don’t have the white scraps in them. Mommy is smart. She knows Daisy wants that box. She keeps taking it away.

Daisy totally had fun

One day mommy and daddy were busy talking. Daisy was playing. She saw them not looking at her. So she slowly got the box. Then she opened the box. So many white white soft soft wet things, like paper, like clothe. It was so much fun. Daisy kept pulling them out. She emptied one box. Mommy forgot the other box behind it. Daisy went and got that box too. It was so much fun. Daisy was singing in joy. And then there was another box.

She should not have sung.

Daddy found out Daisy was playing with the no box. He told mommy.

“Look! Look! She emptied two packets of wet wipes. That’s why she was so silent and happy.”

Mommy said, “ Check her mouth, did she eat anything”.

Why would Daisy eat them now? She had dinner. Mommy is so stupid sometime.

Then Mommy said, “ serves us right to do banking stuff now and not after putting her to bed”.

They then picked Daisy up and cuddled her and had loads of fun.

Daisy fell asleep soon.

Daisy saw the boxes under the shiny sound machine. They looked heavy and mysterious. She will explore them tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more of Daisy’s adventures.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental