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About June 2022

The German summer is upon us. The days are long and bright and plenty of sun to go around. My skin is all ready for some Vitamin D and tan, my brain is flooding me with serotonin. Procastination and writing After procrastinating for a long time, today I decided to write a blog post. My […]

ঠাম্মার জর্মনী আগমন

আমার ঠাম্মা পারেনা এমন কোন কাজ নেই। সেই কোন যুগে, 1963 সালে স্নাতকোত্তর মানে মাস্টার্স করে ফেলেছিল। তারপর চারপাশের লোকেদের ব্যাঁকা কথা, চোখ টাটান উপেক্ষা করে সংসারের হাল ধরতে চাকরি। ঠাম্মা খুব অল্প বয়সে বিধবা।তাই লোকেদের কথা আরও হত।কিন্ত শ্বাশুড়ী আর শ্বশুরবাড়ীর আশীর্বাদে  ঠাম্মা নির্ভয়ে যেত হাইস্কুলে পড়াতে। কালের নিয়মে ঠাম্মা অবসর নিল। তথন পড়া […]

TBT : My Journey from August 2008

Beginning It was a humid monsoon afternoon. It rained non stop the entire week and stopped raining just yesterday night. The sky was still humid and full of dark clouds. There was a feeling that something momentous is happening. The background Nothing dramatic happened. But on such a heavy monsoon day, more than a decade […]

The Tidal waves

Pen By Madhura So long, the writing mainly revolved around the different things that we enjoyed as child. But of course there were certain things which we would never like to return to our lives. The most important one is the tidal water which regularly came to our house after the monsoon receded. Our house […]

An Appeal

We are living in unprecendent times. The COVID-19 pandemic is threatening the existence of humanity. The deadly virus has succeeded in killing thousands of vulnerable people all over the world. Many more are currently in isolation and lockdown , feeling scared and helpless, uncertain of the future. Many are already living from hand to mouth, […]

Haimanti : weaving through Autumn

It is a dream for any one who can write a bit to weave a series of words and paint a picture. It needs a lot of practice and some framework. I have never been good in painting through words and I mostly use this blog to write about day to day events. However when […]

Durgapuja: childhood and adulthood

Pujo used to be so much simpler 25 years back. Half yearly exams would be over. We would get the half yearly results only after the holiday so any repercussions would have wait after bhaiphota. The Break from studies Pujo meant five days of break from studies and running to and from thr pandal. The […]