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About June 2022

Tanni for Danceof Chaos

The German summer is upon us. The days are long and bright and plenty of sun to go around. My skin is all ready for some Vitamin D and tan, my brain is flooding me with serotonin.

Procastination and writing

After procrastinating for a long time, today I decided to write a blog post. My topic was to be whether I was procrastinating or was I was just being present. I also at a point thought of writing about scheduling, life-life balance, productivity, the this and that of motherhood, how my husband is dealing with fatherhood. Then I decided just to write.

It has been a while I just wrote for the fun of it. I am always so tired after the day that writing feels like a chore I can postpone. Then I would sit down to write and will try to think of something and end up scrolling my phone or chatting on whatsapp. And after I have whittled away the precious thirty minutes, it would be time to feed the baby or feed us or meh!

Enjoying Summer so far

 I must say, never have I ever enjoyed the summer the way I am enjoying it this year. Baby K is now seven months old and is at that perfectly adorable age before the inevitable walking starts. I have managed to heal completely, mentally from my C-Section and parental leave, with only a few weeks left is suddenly very precious and I am trying to take it all in.

We take in as much sun as possible, going out for walks as often as we can. There are nice parks near our house and a jungle. Our neighbourhood is bumbling with babies and toddlers and we can also go for walks together. Along the way, I have made a few new friends  from the few mommy and me groups.

Being in the moment

And I am learning to let go of too much planning. There is an approximate idea what to do, but if it does not get done, I do not freak out. Spending time with my baby is now more important. So if it means the washing gets piled on a bit or I don’t get to cook everyday, it is still fine. We will manage, like many others before me have. But we will only get these few days of sunny, carefree days and blissful limbo.

Events and Social calender

Does that mean life is less hectic? By no means. With good weather, comes the irresistible urge to socialize and travel. We do activities as family, then there are the usual appointments and each of us feel the need to have some me time. Gatherings and functions are starting and after a break of three years, I will again participate in an on stage performance as an anchor. I am so happy to be part of the annual  dance extravaganza, Rangmanch by Priya Nartaki Dance spaces. Being a part of a big event means being a part of the organisation and rehearsals and coordinating that.

Sickness and all that

Then there are the unexpected curveballs. My husband fell sick. Even though it is not Corona, still fever and cough and throatache in it’s full glory. For a couple of days, I had to hold the fort completely alone while he couldn’t even move. We wore masks inside the house and took every precaution to keep the little one safe. Then I caught it from him. Thankfully not as bad.  All this meant, some of our plans got cancelled and changed. Since my husband was not allowed in the doctors chamber, I went there for him ( *insert massive eye roll*).

The tiny Garden

About June 2022

I also must mention our other baby, my tiny garden. This year, I have massively reduced the scope of it. Just a few strawberries, some herbs, some salad and vegetables this year. My one big achievement is I have a huge cucumber plant growing from seed inside. I grew it indoors so that the squirrels will not kill it. On the flip side, the flowers are not getting fertilized. I am beginning to think that I have a male cucumber plant. But it matters not, as I am busy growing a tiny human being this year and we can grow our plant babies together next year.

Half of the year is almost over and it felt like a huge rush. We managed to slow down a bit in the summer days. How has life been for you guys? Do write in comment or send me your comments via the contact form.

About June 2022

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