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Hello 2020!

Hello 2020!

Hello friends and my lovely readers,

How have you been? It has been a while since I dropped my last post. I am very sorry for that. 2020 has begun and it is about time I get back to blogging again.

A lot has happened in between. 2019 has been a happy year for me, but equally stressful one.

I got married in November, so there were a lot of work and preparations for that. After October ended, I was practically swamped with the last minute details of it. Me and my husband have two different nationalities and the whole of 2019 has been running around the bureaucracy and getting all the papers ready so that we can get married and our wedding is recognised in both of our countries.

Then I had to run around organising so that my parents and my sister and her husband could visit us during the wedding. Someday I might write a new post for all of that.

As if preparing for a wedding was not enough, I decided to find my self a new job and aim for a switch in career direction as well. It was a source of a lot of stress and planing and preparation as well. I will plan to talk about it too. Anyway I got the job.

My wedding and the first date of the new job were only a couple of weeks apart. That meant, the year end of 2019 was very stressful and I barely had time for anything else.

I also started learning a couple of new things, for my personal and professional growth, so there is that too.

There is also this thing about in which direction the blog should go? So far I have written about a lot of things in my life but somehow I feel like my blog is lacking direction.

I enjoyed the creative fiction post collaboration I did it with Pritha. So I might focus on that.

That aside I still do not know which way I should focus my blog on. Day to day life of working woman, including everything from fashion and time management, or should I just focus on gardening, or something else.

Part of lack of my motivation is also that, I do not know in which direction I should focus more and talk about more. Maybe I will spend 2020 figuring that out. I have all the time in the world to make sure I create quality content on this blog. I have typed up material, quite a bit of them but I am not sure I want to use them anymore. I am more than happy to accept suggestions from my friends and my readers.

I am starting this new year with promises to write regularly but without putting undue pressure on me. The goal is to make one blog post in every two weeks currently. Or two different themes every month. Maybe have a fiction, short story section as well. See, I am already getting too ambitious.

In my offline life, I have decided to put more focus on my new job and my family and prioritise them over everything else. Another resolution is to become more conscious consumer this year and not buy something just because I want it for a moment.

How has the new year been treating all of you so far? How did 2019 end? What have you guys done so far in 2020? I am starting my work from tomorrow and after a leisurely holiday, I feel my laziness quotient has increased by 25%. I am looking forward to the many things already I have planned to do this year and wish all of you a very good start to the new year.

Hello 2020!

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  1. I really like to read whatever topic you choose. So keep on writing. Best wishes for this new year.

  2. New job?! Did I miss something? I thought you got a new higher position at your work. Sorry if I understood wrongly. Congratulations anyway! Hope the year 2020 will be a good year for you 🙂

    Shortly about us. It was easier to wake up on Wednesday than on Tuesday and I am damn happy about it.

    1. You are right, different position. I still had to apply and interview. I am stuck with fever now, will start working from tomorrow.

  3. Hey! That was a fun light read.

    Short stories are a good option to keep up with your readers and writing frequently.

    Good luck

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