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Quarantine Diary: Part 1

Quarantine Diary: Part 1

Hello everyone, how are you doing? Today is March 28, 2020 and the whole world is in quarantine due to the extremely dangerous and scary COVID-19 virus. I am currently in one of the european epicentre, Germany, with my husband and my parents, my sister, her family, and a lot of my friends are in India. India is currently under a month long lockdown .

Everyday passes as a repetition of the previous day. Those of us with the privilege to still work, work from home. Those of us who are working in healthcare or essential services must risk going to work. A lot of the companies are in shut down mode, mine included. I am informed on a weekly basis whether I should work or not. I still have a job, I am part of the lucky few. Many I know have been laid off, or their independent ventures, their creative careers face difficulties damage and even shut down.

The world does not make any sense right now. We are all scared of the present and what the future holds. Lots of conspiracy theories going around, intentions, politics. What will happen to economy, what will happen to our jobs, what will happen if we cannot pay rent, How are we gonna afford the next installment of loan, when can we see our loved ones again. Would we see our loved ones ever again. The scariest part is, there is no answer to the question. So please, dear friends, dear readers, please do not give into the darkest thought. Please stay strong.

The world is going through a huge upheaval right now. But against this common enemy, we have united together. We have set aside our selfishness, our immediate pleasures and holding on together. So many of us are following the rules and staying indoors. So many of us are volunteering and helping our elderly or sick neighbours by doing their grocery, bringing their medicine. There are so many funds opened for those who cannot afford their day to day food. So many people are working together to keep the blood banks running, the supermarkets running.

Our doctors, our nurses, our healthcare professionals, our chemists, those working in supermarket, gas stations, our public transport system, postal services, delivery services, manufacturers of masks and sanitizers, our scientists working for a cure or an affordable test, and so many more : they are risking their lives doing their best so that the society functions and do not fall apart. What we can do is support them by staying inside, staying healthy, staying positive.

I am trying to stay positive by using this time to focus on things for which I usually have no time for, like writing this blog, practising my music and dance, learning something new, knitting a socks, talking to my family and friends. During January and February I heardly had time to talk to my parents and my grandmother. Now I am video chatting with them every day.

I might update the quarantine diary every now and then but I will use this time to write things I do not always have time for, and appreciate a friend or write about my garden.

The header photo is from a beach close to Auckland in New Zealand. We were lucky to have our holiday and be back in the nick of time, healthy and safe.

Stay safe dear friends, Stay healthy.

Quarantine Diary: Part 1

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  1. Maria Bonner

    You should write a post about your trip to New Zealand! Can’t wait to hear what your impression was.

    1. eRimdance

      Yup, working on them currently

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