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My friend Megha : And her stash of stationary

My friend Megha : And her stash of stationary

So, my friend Megha turned a quarter of century two weeks back on 14 March. I told her I will send you a present from my trip. I did send her something, except I forgot to write her name before I put it in post, so I kinda owe her something. Since I promised myself, I will use the quarantine time to write something, even if it is banal review blogs, let me write about Megha and the business she runs selling amazing stationary products, all that can be customised to your need.

How I first met Megha

I first met her, exactly an year before, from an instagram referral when I was looking for some nice stationary, specially in bullet journal zone ( I was majorly into bullet journaling then and also very lazy about creating layouts, every single week. I mean I am artistic, but in a dancy, musiky way. Drawing has never been my strength, and all those awesome bullet journal spreads on instagram can give you major self consciousness). I wanted something for myself. Then I went ahead to get some birthday present for my sister and my best friend as well. You can read my totally professional customer review of her post right here in my blog.

My friend Megha : And her stash of stationary

That was an year ago.

Evolution of our friendship

Our relationship evolved from being customer and business to being one of genuine friendship. Last year begun and end really well but the middle part of the year was a lot rocky. I had suffered from some health issues, money issues and stress ( wedding planning and job search tend to do that to a person). Megha quickly became one of those, with whom I could share some of the stressful things going behind the screen. She was always patiently listening and giving me advice. I appreciated the effort she put into creating the stationary during this time. I wanted a journal to write these days, with some customization in them. She not only designed it the way I wanted it to be, but also gave a very cheery and beautiful color scheme to it, perfect to lift my mood.

Late summer, I got myself a stash of notebooks from her to give as a present for a few friends and I kept one for myself, as my personal notebook for writing some things down. Her paper quality is top notch. I prefer writing in gel ink and the ink always dries. The paper is so smooth and does not blot at all. the bindings are all strong and she uses cardboads for her covers, instead of PPC, so huge brownie points for being environmentally conscious.

My satisfaction as her client continues

My friend Megha : And her stash of stationary

I have come to rely upon Megha as the sole supplier of my planners and journals. They are really well done, and also suits my taste well. Megha just knows the color and pictures I want them to be in the planners. She knows her job so well, that as a customer she keeps me satisfied with every product design she does. She spends so much time with each product. She will discuss and confirm even the smallest details with me. Looks at this beautiful journal she made for me, shortly before my birthday. She fitted in my demands, all the hobbies I do and the state of mind perfectly, I wanted a picture to show all the things I document in a journal and boy did she deliver. Journals and planners and notebooks are not the only things that Megha makes though.
My Review of the customised journal for Megha

When I say stationary, I mean she makes every sort of stationary. She makes notepads, memo pads, book marks, calenders, badges, wall arts and mugs. I would strongly recommend checking out her current business page on Instagram. She is working on launching a website and I cannot wait for that to happen.

I want this girl to flourish. She is such a generous soul. She works so hard. Even with slowing economy, this young girl is trying so hard to establish a business while being fair and giving every customer individual attention and care.

And she has so many useful planners for bloggers. So many different sized notebooks for school and college goers to choose from. Her prices are economic and she still works hard to provide a very high quality of products.

My friend, Megha

I mentioned in the beginning of the post that our relationship has become more of friends than of client and service provider. I know the struggles she goes through every day. Aside from the health issues, the stress she has to face because she dares to dream and is trying her best to run a small business. She makes bonds with everyone, tries to help so many people and sometimes people take advantage of that too. But she never gives up.

After she faces failure, she is sad for maybe two days and then she pulls herself up and brushes herself and starts thinking ahead. What was I even doing at her age?

I admire how she dreams and how hard she works to make her dreams come true. It sounds such a clinche but it is the truth.

I am so happy that one grey February afternoon, I decided to give this amazing person and her products a chance. I gained a friend, a sister and I wish her all the best.

Btw, she also designed my wedding invitation and she put so much heart and love in it. I will write about that too. Until, stay healthy, stay positive and stay safe inside the house and only go out for emergencies.

My friend Megha : And her stash of stationary

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