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An Appeal

We are living in unprecendent times. The COVID-19 pandemic is threatening the existence of humanity.

The deadly virus has succeeded in killing thousands of vulnerable people all over the world. Many more are currently in isolation and lockdown , feeling scared and helpless, uncertain of the future. Many are already living from hand to mouth, in uncertainty and stress.

When the danger of virus is over, we as society will face an even bigger challenge: of economic slowdown, recession economic depression and hunger. The fallout of this event will reverberate in the coming decades. Thousands, probably millions have people are in danger of losing their livelihoods, income, looking at debt and homelessness and starvation.This says nothing about the mental health repurccasions. All of us will have to bear scars of this time together.

I appeal to all of my friends to donate as much as you can and where you can. As a collective human consciousness we can help each other. News of daily labourers dying, helpless refugees in refugee camps suffering has started reaching us on a daily basis. Let us help whoever we can, however we can, in our small ways. Please help in any way you can, whether with money, or effort, or simply spending some time with someone alone, away from your loved ones.

Also, please reach out to friends and family or anyone who will listen. A lot of us feel helpless and want someone to listen to. The internet and technology has made it possible to stay connected. Please use it to stay connected virtually, do not let the worries get to you. Easier said than done but do try your best.

Take care all of you.


  1. ‘threatening the existence of humanity’ – isn’t it a bit exaggerated? Why do you think so? I feel more like opposite.

    1. In the beginning, around 10-11 March, it did feel like we would not be able to bring corona in control.

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