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Homeoffice Essen

Homeoffice Essen

Hallo und willkommen auf dem Blog. Heute möchte ich über Essen plaudern. Wer von euch befindet sich immer noch im Homeoffice? Wir arbeiten seit sechs Monaten zu Hause. Es gibt’s Pro und Contra für die Situation. Ich bin froh, dass ich durchgehend von zu Hause arbeiten darf. Ich erledige viel in der Arbeit, zu Hause, […]

Work/Life : Lockdown Experience: Part2

Work/Life : Lockdown Experience: Part2

Hello everyone, I begun writing about work-life balance lockdown edition last week. Even when I wanted to write one post only, I am writing a two post series. Today I want to continue from where I left off last week and start with the mental exhaustion and move to the more positive aspects of the […]

Work Life Lockdown Experience: Part1

Work Life Lockdown Experience: Part1

Hello my lovely readers, How are you. Last year I wrote a small series on the work-life balance for working women. With everything going on in 2020, it felt like a good time to update my views on the topic. 2020 has changed the way we work, for most of us. Suddenly we find, working […]

লকডাউনের রান্নাবাটি

লকডাউনের রান্নাবাটি

পশ্চিমদেশের নিরিবিলি এক শহরে আমাদের বাস, আমি এবং আমার জর্মন পতি। সোম থেকে শুক্র কর্তা-গিন্নী অফিস যাই। অফিসে ক্যান্টিনে খাই। সপ্তাহে একাধিক দিন সন্ধেবেলা বাইরে খাই বা আনিয়ে নি।হপ্তায় দু-তিন দিন যতন করে রাঁধি – দুইজনেই খুশি। দিব্যি চলছিল, এমন সময় করোনা দেবীর প্রাদুর্ভাব। আমাদের এখানে February র শেষ থেকে চলাফেরার নিষেধাজ্ঞা, এই কিছুদিন আগে […]

Unlocking... A lockdown experience

Unlocking… A lockdown experience

Pen by Madhura Mask-check, sanitizer-check, gloves-check, head cover-check -remember Monica and Ross from ‘Friends’ doing similar checks before flying to London? I now do it regularly before leaving for office. We are now slowly adapting ourselves to the changed circumstance. Venturing out for work is necessary, but the virus is still there. Precautions need to […]

Innovative Cooking: The quarantine canteen

Innovative Cooking: The quarantine canteen

The gustatory dance by Danceofchaos The quarantine for the last few months have been very productive in many field of home improvement. On a regular office day, we would get up, have breakfast, go to work and our lunch and some cases early dinners would be taken care of the Office Canteen or some form […]

sudiner apekhyay1

Sudiner Apekhhyay…eklaa akaash series

We are going through a very troubled time right now. The whole world stands united, to fight the novel corona virus. But we also stand isolated. The nature of the virus is such, that it has created a distance between all of us. Mone hochhe, amader ghire dhore achhe jeno ek bhairavi bisannata. ( It […]

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