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Quarantine Diary 2: Working from Home

Quarantine Diary 2: Working from Home

Hello everyone,

How are you doing? How is life in lockdown treating you? Are you among those lucky few who still have jobs and are able to work from home? If so, then you have some semblence of routine in your life.

I am currently working from home. Usually I love working from home. I typically work two days a week from home, to balance with the daily travel for work and business travels. Adjusting to home office was not a problem for me.

After about three weeks of non stop working from home though, I have a feeling I am sliding into some laziness. Before I used to make some effort to dress and motivate myself. Now, when I know I have no delivery coming, I am working in my pyajamas, often without the bottom.

The food habit has also started sliding. Since there is not much to distract me, I fill the void with food. To satisfy these snacks loving Indian tongue, I am spending hours in the kitchen making junk food for us.

Salad who? I had 1kg packet of sweet fennel seeds called mukhwas. They are mouth fresheners to be had after food, in limited quantity. I have finished the whole 1kg box in two weeks. Amazon is out of stock of these things , as they are delivered from India. I am having mukhwa withdrawal symptoms these days.

As much as I am trying to do exercise and yoga at home, there is only so much I can do. The sofa is constantly beckoning and I am fighting a daily battle. These days though, as the travel back home is completely cut out, I do have time for longer yoga sessions and touching my roots in dance.

For the first few days, I was heavily spending time on social media, browsing lazily, reading all sorts of negative posts and spiraling out. But now I have settled in a routine and the meaningless social media browsing has decreased again. I am happy to report that I am keeping in touch with my friends a lot more though. Now that they have time too, we are all stuck at home, even time zones are not much of issue now. I am talking to friends over phone and whatsapp, even those with whom matching time is difficult.

The Mr. had some issue initially getting used to home office though. He is used to going to work, talking with colleagues. The endless Skype meetings are tedious for him and he cannot access his office servers well. My office server also has issues but luckily my work is mostly talking and emails, so I am surviving.

We are having minor squabbles though. The Mr. has his table just above my head in the gallery, which has a wooden floor. He likes to move a lot. It means when I am talking to the customers in a meeting, I often hear Bharatanatyam on my head.

Overall we are adjusting fine. Haven’t killed each other. Neither have gained 10 kilos each. I was panic cooking junk a lot and have delegated some of the cooking duties to him for a balance.

We actually have a lot of luck. We have no house-pets. Our plants are more self sufficient than us. We also do not have kids. Some of our colleagues have to take care of their children while working full or part-time : that’s a lot of juggling.

The children are all at home, cannot go out and also need a lot of attention. As a result those friends have more workload. Still some of my friends, like M have time to notice my blog post immediately.

Check out the funny sketches she did about this time with her kid. This quarantine is really giving us time to do those things we usually do not have time for.

Quarantine Diary 2: Working from Home

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  1. Debaleena Poddar

    Nice write up!! Very much apt fr the current scenario whn we all r stuck at home..hope the earth will recover soon !!!!

  2. It was nice to read about your routine. I feel like I catch up with you and know you a bit better by reading your posts. Drawing at the moment is the only way to communicate from inside, since I have no time to Skype with friends. Barely talking to my partner either.

    1. Well, your drawings are amazing and they do show a snippet of our lives. If you were not so busy, I would suggest let us do a collaboration, where I write stories around your drawings.

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