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2021 .. Preview

2021 .. Preview

Tanni for Danceof Chaos


Today is January 1, 2021. It feels like we jumped from 2019 and landed in 2021. Maybe this is the actual 2020 and whatever happened, is a nightmare from which we all are opening up together. Remember all those books about magic which regaled us with tales of mass hypnosis and amnesia and the protagonist broke the curse and everyone woke up?– Maybe it is like that.

But 2020 was there

This is what a lot of us think wishfully, but fact is, we underwent a difficult year called 2020. A pandemic broke out towards the end of 2019 and it spread across the world. The whole world suffered one way or another under a global pandemic. There were economic repurcussions, physical and mental health issues and so many many lives were lost. There have been truly few who survived unscathed. That is why it is important to remember last year for all the ups and downs while we move forward. We had a terrible 2020 and now 2021 is here. It might be better, it might be worse.. but we will face it together again.

My 2020

My 2020 has been a mixed bag. I got married towards the end of 2019 and 2020 begun with the ceebrations. We had planned the celebration ourselves to the last detail. We even managed to tick our bucket list and go to my dream destination. I did a post series on it last year. When we came back home, all the countries started getting locked down one by one.

We have managed to survive these last few months together, working from home, just the two of us, in our jammies. Like many more worldwide, we became cooking and baking experts and gained considerable weight.

We really wanted to travel to India and visit my grandmother once again, but it did not happen. The lockdown and the loneliness had taken a toll on so many people of their generation. My thamma, the wonderful and strong person that she was, also succumbed towards the end of 2020. I still cannot believe she is no more, no more words of advice, no more, ” Life has many such roadblocks, stop giving up so easily” from her.

What 2020 gave us for 2021

2020 taught all of us to live in a different way. The world, became a small place thanks to the lockdown and home office situation almost everywhere. The world also was never as big as before. Parents were no longer e plane ride away, because air travel is still not regular and easy. Friends were not just to be taken for granted, because you never knew when you will meet again. Life was so precious, the risk of losing it was never this high. Covid did not discriminate, it was merciless to all.

This year taught us to have compassion; to ourselves, to those we love, to strangers we do not know. We opened our hearts towards so manyto help them, anyway we can. From community kitchens to organise food, to care package delivery, to grocery shopping for elderly neighbours — we came together. And I want to go on doing as much as I can, giving back as much as I can.

My goals

Like all of us, I want us to be safe and healthy. I do have a couple of goals in mind I want to achieve again this year.

  • I want to have a better work-life balance. With home office being the new normal, boundaries have more or less disappeared. I want to make a better structure.
    • And also stop using work as an excuse to not focus on fitness. Reconnecting with Yoga has been a blessing this year. But I lost touch with some other fitness activities and I want to do that.
  • Due to the lockdown, I could spend a lot of time cultivating my indoor garden. Growing part of my own food made me appreciate mother nature more, understand how important farmers are for us. I want to focus more on gardening in the coming years and support local farmers even more.
  • I have been an outgoing person and I do stay in touch with my friends and family. But I want to be there for them more than ever.
  • GIve back to the environment, to nature, to others in any way I can.
  • Continue writing. I never have the discipline to write regularly. But I have decided to incorporate writing in my routine and write.
  • Do more journaling. I had lost touch with journaling and bullet journaling until 2020 and I want to do more of it.
  • Stay positive… no matter what.

Let the new year commence.

Image courtesy : Christian . This was drawn exclusively by him for using in the blog and is part of the copyright of the blog. Do not publish without permission.

2021 .. Preview

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  1. So many plans! I am sure you will achieve all of them in the new year!

    1. DanceofChaos

      Most of them seem like carryover tbh. I wanted s new hobby, don’t know what though

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