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Smritir Opare... Ekla Akash Series

Smritir Opare… Ekla Akash Series

We have almost completed the journey and finally today is the last poem for this collaboration series. Please have a look at Debaleena’s other poems and recitation like the first one, then the one about rain, a song of hope in corona and mental health.

Today, to keep the trace of not finishing, even when it is finished ( sesh hoiyao hoy nako sesh: Tagore) we bring to you the story of memories.

Memories of the moments long gone by, time that will not come back, of peope that left us, never to return: from beyond the memories, Smritir Opare.

Smritir Opare... Ekla Akash Series

Today’s header pic has once again being provided by .Pritha. This wonderful photographer, had picked out the best picture that is possible for this moment. This is actually taken in Munnar in India. This foggy view of dreamy sky and the green, transports us to the world of remembrance and nostalgia.

Vora thak smriti sudhay…

Rabindranath Tagore

Today we end this collaboration journey. Please keep n encouraging and loving us the way you did these last few weeks. Maybe, we will bring to you once again our small attempt. I am so grateful for your encouragement and love that you showed this series and my blog.

Signing off, with love

Debaleena and eRimDance


  1. ETA o darun chilo…

  2. This is one of the finest poem till date to me..the one with which not only me,but all can relate their life..too good and meaningful..proud of u, dear..

  3. darun laglo……..

  4. Aritra Bhowmick

    In line with the previous creations, this too also has depicted human feelings on their glorious past. Another masterpiece. Well done.


    sotti e anek smriti monay jaye. darun darun

  6. Chokh bondho kore tor line gulo she jaye mon sei smriti r pothe…darun hoeche

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